What Type of Therapy?

I offer a psychological approach known as Brief Psychological Therapy.

This approach enables people to take effective steps towards challenging and distressing emotional problems and difficulties in life without becoming dependent upon therapy or the therapist. It encourages the individuals to retain their sense of self and their direction in life. Time in therapy is brief and the focus of work is on becoming more effective in dealing with emotional problems. As a Chartered and Registered Clinical Psychologist, my expertise and experience in dealing with psychological problems allows me to provide strong support to individuals seeking better control of their life stressors and life directions.

Who Can Benefit from Brief Psychological Therapy?

If you are experiencing any of the following difficulties, Brief Psychological Therapy may be of help to you:

The decision to apply therapy to your life problems can be made more easily and more confidently with expert support and solid information.

How do I know Brief Psychological Therapy is right for my problems?

We will meet for an initial assessment of your situation and afterwards you will have a clearer understanding of how this therapeutic approach could help you with your problems. You will also be advised of any alternative therapies or sources of help that may be more appropriate for your needs.

How do I get started?

Please email me to arrange for your initial assessment appointment. A time convenient to your schedule can be set and evening appointment times may be possible. During your assessment, we will explore and discuss your concerns to determine if Brief Psychological Therapy will help you. If you decide to proceed with therapy, we will discuss and agree upon your expectations and goals for your therapy. Then, the anticipated number of 50-minute sessions will be scheduled for you.

Please note: a full fee will be charged if a booked appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to that appointment.

Therapy Evaluation and Audit

I believe in continually evaluating my clinical work to ensure that effective treatments are being offered to all my clients.

In 1992, an extensive audit of the outcomes of my therapeutic approach was developed based on therapy evaluation responses from 176 of my clients who completed therapy. The audit results were subsequently published in a professional journal as "Auditing One's Work, What Clients Think of Therapy" DCP Forum, 1992.

The Brief Psychological Therapy approach is described in one of my publications, please see below:

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