What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is an interactive way to affect changes in critical thinking and to promote individual confidence and competencies. Coaching and consultancy helps leaders and managers harness their potential and improve their role performance. Through Executive Coaching, a deeper understanding of current roles and influential factors is achieved, giving clarification and confidence to clients in the leading and managing of their organisations, especially during these turbulent times.

Who Can Benefit from Executive Coaching?

Anyone in a leadership/managerial position will benefit from Executive Coaching – the approach is not exclusive to executives only or members of the top teams.

Coaching Can Help You:

My Executive Coaching & You

I offer Executive Coaching in the form of my own tried and tested approach that integrates psychological, psychotherapeutic, organisational and coaching aspects.

I focus on the role, the person, and the organisational contexts. Your current organisational role, as seen within the context of your current work environment, is considered and evaluated against your career progression, expectations and aspirations, as well as your unique skills, competencies and talents. You will discover links between your own story and the organisational story and will explore the meaning and impact of this discovery upon your role performance.

My approach gives you a sense of being able to make meaningful connections and reach deeper insights that can lead to more lasting and personally owned changes that benefit you - and the organisation. This approach has been described in my book now used as a handbook of psychodynamic coaching.

Wide Experience and Accreditation

For over 30 years, I performed work as a clinician, supervisor, lecturer, manager and internal consultant in the NHS. This experience was paralleled by my work as an Organisational Consultant with a variety of public and voluntary sector organisations and as a freelance Executive Coach. I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and Associate Fellow with the British Psychological Society (BPS), a Registered Practitioner with HPC (Health Professional Council), and an Accredited Coach with the Association for Coaching (AC) 2005-2015.

Specialised Training and Continuous Professional Development

My coaching approach is both psychological and psychodynamic, combining specialised training received at training organisations such as the Institute of Group Analysis, Institute of Family Therapy, the King's Fund Centre, Tavistock Clinic, South West Thames Region and Quorum Organisational Psychologists International with the Tavistock perspective on consultancy and coaching.

I believe continuing education within my profession is essential to maintaining premier coaching skills and undertake annual CPD training on related subjects in order to keep my practice up to date. Also, as a member of the International Society for Psychoanalytic Studies of Organisations (ISPSO), I have continued access to information on the latest approaches in Executive Coaching.

My Coaching Promise

I Will:

I Will Not:

My Recent Clients Include:

Chief Executives, Chief Finance Officers, Top Team members, Principals and Service Directors, Service Managers, Psychology and Therapy Heads of Service, Senior Clinicians from the NHS, Managers from Social Services, GPs, members of the PCG and other practitioners within the public, voluntary and private sectors.

My Clients Talk about My Executive Coaching

"After the first session, I felt a heavy burden had been lifted from my shoulders."
NHS Head of Service

"These sessions have been of immense use and benefit in both personal and professional terms."
Service Manager

"I loved the use of metaphors in our work; it was so freeing and creative."
Service Director

"The work has been extremely useful and productive. It has been hard work, but undertaken in a safe environment."
NHS Manager

How to Begin

If you are interested in exploring whether my approach can help you or your organisation with your current issues or concerns, please email me. I will be happy to visit with you at your location for a completely confidential consultation. Once we agree on a joint project, a contract will be drawn up to cover the work and mutual expectations.


I have published extensively on clinical, management and consultancy issues and have co-written several books on organisational consultancy.

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