What is Organisational Consultancy?

Organisational Consultancy offers support and guidance to individuals and groups performing in a corporate or professional environment. Through the use of proven approaches and techniques, conflicts can be understood and managed, the resulting stress reduced, whilst efficiency, productivity and morale boosted.

How Organisational Consultancy can Benefit You, Your Company and Your Personnel

Organisational Consultancy can benefit individuals, groups, teams, and entire organisations by learning how to productively handle issues many businesses face, such as:

Relieving destructive and non-productive emotional issues encountered by individuals and teams can be accomplished through Organisational Consultancy.

Emotional Issues for Individuals

Doubts, anxiety, uncertainties, burnout, ill-health, or leaving a chosen profession due to stress

Emotional Issues for Teams

Low morale, conflicts, interdisciplinary rivalry, blame culture, decrease in productivity, loss of direction and absenteeism, dealing with abusive customers, dealing with organisational traumas.

What My Organisational Consultancy offers You

For Individuals

My Organisational Consultancy approach offers:

For Teams

My approach offers:

For Organisations

I offer psychological approaches to help with:

My Organisational Consultancy Approach

My approach to Organisational Consultancy is psychological and psychodynamic and reflects my consultancy training with the Tavistock Clinic, plus additional training as a Change Agent, Facilitator, Group Leader and Executive Coach with the Institute of Group Analysis, Institute of Family Therapy, the King's Fund Centre, South West Thames Region, and Quorum Organisational Psychologists International.

I seek out continuing education opportunities in the Organisational Consultancy field to ensure I present highly effective approaches for the contemporary global business community.

I have published extensively on clinical, management, and consultancy issues and have co-written four books on Organisational Consultancy and the Management of Change.

My Consultancy Promise

I Will:

I Will Not:

My Recent Organisational Consultancy Clients

How to Find Out More

If you wish to explore the potential benefits of my Organisational Consultancy approach for your organisation and any current organisational issues, problems, or concerns you may be facing, please email me to set up a confidential consultation.

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