February 26, 2007
What are the chances...

I went to Roar last week, and Nick emailed me to tell me that he'd be going as well. I'd not actually met Nick in meatspace before, so I told him how to identify me: I'd be the one in the Sid James tee shirt.

Sure enough, there was another chap there with Sid James on his chest. But it was good to meet Nick in the end.

I can't agree with Nick about the acts, though. Frank Skinner was rubbish, but I loved the rest of the acts. Paul Foot's act wasn't quite as high-wire-without-a-net as last time I saw him, but if the gently surreal works for you, he's still very funny. Jason Rouse is anything but gentle, but he was funnier and less scary and vile than last time I saw him, so that was nice. And he was funny. Barrie Hall and Wes Packer don't stand out in the mind, really, but they were both funny enough at the time.

It's a great tee shirt, BTW. Steve suggested a variation on the theme: Eric Morecambe on a space hopper. Pure class.

Posted to Funny by Simon Brunning at February 26, 2007 04:52 PM
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