September 06, 2005
London Python Meetup

I've not organised a London Python Meetup since April's, partly due to's demise, partly due to my personal finances (I spent 100 last time!), but mostly due to pure sloth. Last night, though, at Sam's Django vs. Rails bash, considerable interest was shown in Python meetups.

So, Sam and I have decided to combine the two. On October the 10th, please come along to Smith's of Smithfield for nerdy chat about Python, Django, Rails, or anything at all really. Say, sixish 'till late.

Last night's Django vs. Rails thing was great fun. Funny thing - almost no one who came along had actually made use of either package. We were all there to hear from the experts, but there don't seem to be any of those just yet.

Well, except for Simon Willison, that is. Simon (1st page blogging for 'Simon', damn him!) is one of the three guys who built Django. Sadly, he hadn't brought a demo along either. :-( I did confirm that Django was named after the great Django Reinhart, though.

There were plenty of other interesting people around, some I knew already (Hi, Edward) and some I didn't (Hi, Torchbox people), and most of who's names I'd forgotten within seconds of having been being introduced. I'd blame the beer, but that would be lying, 'cos I'm always like that.

Tonight, to Jez's Java meetup with El Presidente and Tulna. Should be in interesting...

If you are coming along, do leave a comment...

Posted to Python by Simon Brunning at September 06, 2005 02:51 PM
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