November 23, 2004
More Pointless iTunes fun with Python

iTunes isn't too great at working with selected and de-selected tracks. You can't sort by selection, for instance - you can't sort your library so as to show all de-selected tracks then all selected tracks. Nor can you build smart playlists based on whether a tune is selected or not.

Well, not without getting your hands dirty, that is. ;-)

Since my iPod is now rather full, I've de-selected some albums, and some individual tracks. Now, I'd like to burn the albums that I've de-selected onto CD, and remove them from iTunes altogether. My hard disk is getting a bit full, too. ;-) But, I only want to do this with whole albums - individual de-selected tracks should be left alone.

My library isn't that big. Any normal person would just scroll down through the library, and manually set up a playlist of stuff to remove. Not me, oh no, I'd much rather spend several times the time writing a script to do it all for me. Plonker. Anyway, here it is - I hope someone finds it handy - it would be nice if I hadn't wasted my time entirely.

See also Driving iTunes from Python on Windows.

Posted to iPod by Simon Brunning at November 23, 2004 04:55 PM
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