February 23, 2004
MMR in the news again

The MMR danger myth - it just won't die. And this despite what the science is clearly telling us. Not only was the Wakefield study flawed, but now it seems that Dr Wakefield had a vested interest in stirring it up.

It's becoming rather difficult not to see Andrew Wakefield as a villain in this. To begin with, I thought that he was just wrong - well intentioned, but wrong. But now it looks as though there was more to it that that... If there is a measles epidemic in this country, there will be blood on his hands.

Update: Oh no - no one will believe it's safe now. :-(

Posted to Science and technology by Simon Brunning at February 23, 2004 10:38 AM

I'll have to differ with you, based on personal experience: one of my nephews developed "autistic behaviour" within three months of receiving the MMR. Some epidemiological studies here in the States have found a link involving MMR and food allergies; that is, the MMR appears to trigger a response pre-indicated by food allergies (as was the case with my nephew).

What is this "triple jab" your links refer to? In the States our children receive a single shot were the three vaccines have been comingled into a single solution. Is that not the case in England?

I placed "autistic behaviour" in quotes for a reason. I don't believe the reaction to MMR in these cases IS Autism, but an autism-like autoimmune response. To my knowledge no-one has actually performed research isolating MMR reactions in children with food allergies, nor have they looked at this as an autoimmune response.

Autism is a very complex disorder, and is one of those illnesses that actually occurs over a range of symptomology. I believe it's called Asperger Syndrome, and its another one of those diseases where we really have no idea what causes it.

What is more scary are the quack remedies being peddled to my brother and his wife. My nephew has improved over the last couple years, but I attribute this to behavioural therapy rather than the various drug treatments he has received.


Posted by: Lance on February 24, 2004 07:20 PM
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