July 30, 2003

MMR is in the news again - Mothers lose MMR battle. Lord Justice Sedley said the evidence presented by the mothers in the earlier hearing that the MMR vaccination was dangerous and untenable was "junk science". A bit of sanity, at last.

In general, the Media's coverage of MMR is appalling. The impression given to the public is that the jury is still out on MMR, whereas in fact the scientific consensus is that it is totally safe.

To any parents out there who are wondering about MMR, I say this: Do some reasearch. Don't rely on newspapers to tell you what's going on - they are, uh, misleading, to say the least. "MMR Controversy" is a story, "MMR Safe" isn't, and the papers seem to value a story more than they do the truth. Don't trust me, either. Do some reasearch.

Speak to your GP. Visit the NHS's MMR - The Facts site. Do a bit of on-line research, being careful to stick to reliable sources.

And don't get me started on Carol Bloody Vorderman...

Posted to Parenting by Simon Brunning at July 30, 2003 01:50 PM
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