July 30, 2003

Bloglines was out of action for two or three hours yesterday. I don't know if it was just my account, or the whole thing, but I certainly couldn't see it!

I contacted Mark Fletcher, and he fixed it very quickly, and got a very nice email back. Very good service - especially considering that I'm not paying for it!

Even though I've only been using Bloglines for a couple of weeks now, I really missed it. It's amazing how quickly it's become an essential. What's more, even in so short a time, it's noticeably improved, notably in the subscription management screen.

How could it improve further? Well, I already mentioned that I'd like to be able to configure the text size, and to nest subscription folders within folders. One other thing has occurred to me since; when you select a subscription folder in the left hand pane on the 'My Blogs' screen, it both shows all new posts in the left hand pane, and expands the folder. I'd prefer the folder not to expand unless I click on the '+'.

Keep up the good work, Mike, and good luck. Bloglines deserves to succeed, and I hope it does.

Update August 13th: The folder thing is fixed now. ;-)

Posted to Blogs by Simon Brunning at July 30, 2003 10:47 AM
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