July 23, 2003

Andy pointed out a new RSS aggregator, Bloglines.

Prior to this week, I'd been using FeedReader. This was OK, but on Monday morning it threw all my subscriptions away, and not for the first time. So I consigned it to the bit bucket, and went looking for something new. Andy's post was timely.

Naturally, my first thought was the effbot's EffNews. But Bloglines' big advantage is that it's an online service - so you can use it from as many computers as you wish.

I've been playing with it since Monday. Works pretty good. There was a problem with configuration for a short while, but I emailed thier support team, and it was fixed PDQ.

I'd like to be able to configure the text size, and to nest folders within folders. I'm sure that this sort of thing will come with time. And success. ;-)

All in all, I like it. I hope they make some money.

Posted to Blogs by Simon Brunning at July 23, 2003 10:06 AM
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