November 13, 2003
Wandering the 'net

A friend of mine was recently looking for the wonderful "Hoax Moon Landing" parody, featuring The Clangers.

I had a look for it. I found that it had been defaced - NASA fake Moon Landing!!!. Clearly some fuckwit didn't notice the joke. This is a bit of a shame - it was pretty funny. I hope that the OP can repair the damage.

But, while I was looking for this, I found some fab links at me(ish).org: A sociopolitical analysis of Bagpuss ("The Mice on the Mouse Organ. They represent the workforce, the proletariat. Normally frozen on the mouse organ (the 'organ' of the state which controls and represses them) they are animated by the waking of Bagpuss, showing the enervative power that a single individual's vision can wield within society.") and Men are from Morden, Women are from Wimbledon. Class.

And this marks the third mention of Morden in a week. Scary. (Morden, that is - I'm not scared of coincidences. ;-)

Posted to Funny by Simon Brunning at November 13, 2003 01:56 PM
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