London Python meetup today
Photo Meme
Trickle Down Economics?
Off to PyCon UK
Django 1.0
Apress eBooks
My Work Here is Done
Welcome, Simon!
London Python meetup, September the 2nd.
Epic Fail
Python Mock Frameworks
Goodhart's law
Also Scary
Pissed as a Newt?
The Future is Here
Happy Birthday me!
Why so quiet?
Code Swarm
As good as it ever was, even after all these years...
Adrian Holovaty at the Guardian
It'll Be All Right On The Night
The best band in the world?
Mock the Weak
More Internet Memes Than You Can Shake a Stick At
The Whiners are Back
Subversion 1.5
Free speech?
The Prodigal Son
Not the busiest of URLs...
Python Meetup Tonight!
Gödel's third incompleteness theorem
Emailing yourself the result of a query
Bizarre evening
A bad week for jazz
Sartorial Disagreement
The History of the Ampersand
Twitter Tracking
Mac Shortcut of the Day
Burn the Witch
Sport Without Beer?
Guardian Easter Eggs
Missing the Point
import soul
DOSing the big G
Welcome to the newest waste of time on the 'net
More on the GAE
Battles with medievalism
A new role...
Meme of the day
Google App Engine Roundup
Website of the year
Think you're having a bad day?
Life in the old dog yet
Music Hole
Google App Engine
Who will write tomorrow's code?
How does he smell?
Hard to Expel
Is it Tuesday Already?
Biggest UK space impact found
Camille in London
Smoke and Mirrors
Miss Bimbo
Book Lamp
I'm not dead yet!
The Stroustrup Effect
The Atheist Delusion
Best Firefox extension ever
Quote of the Day
Smells like Teen Spirit?
The End of the Affair, Version 2.0
Top-and-tailing log files
Nerd? Me?
Who do you have to call a twat to get your comment deleted?
Farewell Camden
New site...
Have the Stars Come Right?
Joke of the day
Bad Science
Spot the Difference
Bash script of the day
The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: Monkey Boy's three-legged race
The Mac is Back!
What Did I Go And Buy That For?
I Might Be Wrong
Now That's What I Call Service!
The Orange Box
Bitter at all?
Baby Jack
Currently Watching...
New Telly
Brunning's 2nd law
Happy New Year!
The Reckless Cycle of Consumerism Trundles On
The Magic Goes Away
Something Rotten in the State of Facebook
A New Toy
Programming is fun again!
A Bang From The Past
Freedom of Speech, anyone?
Beer and Geeks
Orrible Strikes Again
Fear of Flying
Today's the Day The Teddy Bears Have Their Owners Flogged
Football, Football, Bloody Football
My Brain is Exploding
The Rational World of Martin Amis
Agile in the Large
Am I stupid, or is Oracle?
Coincidence? I think not.
Martin Amis is not a racist
Simple Simon
Subversion Log Filtering
Birds do it...
Best. Putdown. Ever.
Return Triumphant, Or Not At All
Mocks and Stubs and Fakes, Oh My!
Say "No" to child abuse
London Python meetup, Wednesday, December the 5th
Beard's gone
Radiohead's In Rainbows Experiment
Refactoring - the Dark Side
More shiny shiny...
Baby Jack
Smart Questions
I'm An Uncle Again!
Brunning's Law
Illiterate MP
Speed Dating
Mac screen savers
Coverage Tools
The Leopard and The Snake
Stiched Up
Tim Vine
Barbarian Prince
Radiohead meets the Da Vinci Code
Bill Bailey's Kraftwork
Speed Kills
Not Overpowered
Jython 2.2.1
Phone Home?
Goodbye Sir Menzies
A Whip Without a Growl is No Fun
Meet them half way? Not a chance.
HMV gets more of my cash...
Best Fireworks Screensaver Ever
Climate Change and Conflict
The Bells, The Bells
London Python last night
Radiohead: In Rainbows - Reviewed LIVE!
The girls and I rowing at the weekend...
In Rainbows
London Python meetup tomorrow
The Joy of the Human Voice
Wherever I Lay My Mac, That's My Home
My first day at ThoughtWorks
Last Day
The Vultures are Circling
It's here!
The Great Firewall of China
Beer Launching Fridge
London Java meetup tonight
What are the chances...
DRM and the BBC
CDs - to sort, or not to sort...
London Python meetup tonight
Start Date
Vistas new
Darwin Day
QCon London
Roar with Laughter This Evening
Disruption in the Grammar Area
Car Wars
Thoughts on Music
Eye Candy
PyCamp UK
My Family, and Other Blogging Animals
What is Web 2.0?
Python meetup, Wednesday the 21st of February
Hello Charlotte
Selenium upgrade woes
I'm a PC, I'm a Mac
Sign up for fair use rights
I'm off
London Python Announce
Touched by His Noodly Appendage
London 2.0 RC 9
London Python Meetup next week
How Much?
A Stern Talking To
Where's mine?
There Is No God, And Dawkins Is His Prophet
Burnt To Bitz track listing
Congratulations to El Presidente!
Interregnum interrupted
Three in a row
Graham Coxon at The Astoria
Timing is everything
The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
Walk It
Wimpy iPod accessories
Long interregnum
Try giving the punters what they want
Java Profiling
iPod goodies
DVD Audio format-shifting on the Mac
Merge tools
svn:externals: just say no
Phew, what a scorcher!
November London Python meetup
Tulna Shouting
Planet London Python
Photos from Wednesday's Python meet
The 2006 Ig Nobels
The right to offend
Google remains as smart as ever
The joy of os.walk()
Yesterday's Python booze-up
El P has a blog!
Python in a Nutshell
Off to the London Python meetup
Superb high-speed film
Emacs and me
London Python Meetup tomorrow
He Fought the Law...
What a load of CRUD
London 2.0rc3
Why creationism is wrong
There's a shocker
About Time Too!
Calling All Geek Girls
Google Mail
Here you go - any old crap
Today is developing a theme...
The Horror!
Something Wicked This Way Comes
4 Things Blog Tag
I Love You Blah Blah Blah
Are you Shure?
Why no posting?
Is the hype over
Get Behind Me Santa
London 2.0 rc2 tonight!
London 2.0rc2
There goes my Christmas bonus...
Attack of the Blogspot Bots
Busy busy busy
'Tis the season
Two for the Price of One
Gay and Lesbian marriage
Christmas Shopping
Wish Me Luck
London 2.0rc1
London 2.0rc1 Tonight
DRM Madness
Don't forget London 2.0rc1!
Thinking the Unthinkable
Small Mercies
Brunning's 1st Law of System Hassle
The Duff Fairy
London Python meetup, January 2006
The Constant Gardener
Three quarks for Master Mark
Black Box Testing
Romance News
At The Cathedral
Sodding Object Access Protocol
I'm a Newton man myself
London 2.0rc1
Future Shock
London Web Framework Night
London Python/Django/Ruby/Rails/Java Christmas party
London Web Frameworks Night
Kate Bush early demos
London Python Meetup Tonight
Everything a growing boy needs
I'm going to feel it in the morning...
NADD causes RII?
"Morden" and "Colliers Wood"
Colliers Wood bloggers
Torture - it's a bad thing
From Little Acorns...
Busy Month
Did you mean...
London Python Meetup
Dead Parrot
Normal Service has been resumed
Guess where *I* am?
They just don't *want* anyone voting for them, do they?
ID Cards latest
Blog Awards 2005
Python/Ruby Meetup tonight
Cracking toasted Gromit
That's why I never kiss them on the mouth
God told me to post this
Something for a Friday afternoon
Privacy and the Snake
Mum's new baby
Roar With Laughter
Seeking the Truth
Throw Away the Key
Nerd Day
Nerd Day
Where have I been?
Java/Flickr Meetup
Google London
Baby Steps
London Python Meetup
How can they do this with a straight face?
Only on comp.lang.python
Java Meetup next week
It's here!
Men, Women, and IQ tests
Freedom Languages
Happy Birthday!
El P is Back
The Ancient History of Shoes
iPod Statistics
All Quiet
How did *that* happen?
Singletons are selfish?
Python 2.4, Windows and MSVC7
Where are you all?
In the cross-hairs...
Penpal wanted
The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race
Five Years
It's All Go Today...
Oh No, Not Again...
Another Year Closer To Death
Spring: Bold as Love
A Health Message for the Boys
Two Minutes
French Terror Alert
Which Part of London am I?
Osama: My Part in His Downfall
Instant Messaging redux
Serve Them Right
Software Patents
Bloody Olympics
Listing shell windows
The Single Life
Presentation skills training
iSeries Open Source
iTunes and Podcasts
Tube Hell, The Movie
Glastonbury 2005
The Final Countdown
Instant Messaging
I'm Back
Signing off
My children are evil
Old Chestnut
Tomatoes are evil
What is Your World View?
Friday Game
My Recent Past...
Alien Intervention?
Teachers Away...
Thanks, Mum!
Hibernate Support
Musical baton
Hungarian Rehabilitated?
Floating dog
Hibernate and my legacy database
Busy busy busy...
Big Day Tomorrow
Trinny and Suzannah, where are you?
Let the Train Take the Strain
Passwords and Ant
That Explains It...
Without The Aid of a Safety Net
More Dark Blogging
Simon the Fascist
ABC Teens
Serenity Trailer
Happy Birthday SVoC
Blogging: The Dark Side
Setting his stall out early
Speeders beware
Windows system tray icons with Python
John Hegley
British Nasty Pillocks
Wandering Ward
A Local Search, for Local People
Who needs the Edinburgh Festival?
Last night's London Python meetup
Who should I vote for?
A rather unfortunate decision
The secret of comedy
Shiny shiny!
Are you thinking what we're thinking?
London Python meetup tomorrow
JSR Groovy
Dr. Dobb's Python-URL!
So much for Joel the guru...
Freja coding
Irritating parents
My Desk
Python Cookbook
Mum's visit
Code limerick
My Review
I have to do something about my dress sense
The Power of Open Source
Lambda revisited
Attention all WATSUP users
A whole different species
Jolt 2005 awards
Google Code
Python meetup at The Stage Door, Waterloo on the 13th of April
Little black book
St Patrick's Day
De-functionalising Python
Roar With Laughter
You have to laugh
Northern line sections to close for months at a time
Life isn't fair
The Wikipedia is just too cool to be true
Read, goddamnit
All alone
Latin Python
Wittgenstein was a beery swine
Time to get serious
Incrementing strings
Blog your way to the top
Software Patents in the EU
Picking random items from an iterator
Jam Today
London Python meetup tomorrow
Up To Twelve
Spring or Struts?
Satire is dead
G is for Goth
For services to anti-competition...
Down with The Tower
The albums you should have listened to before you die
Yesterday's London Java Meetup
Where did it go?
London Java Meetup tonight
As long as that?
iPod earphones
New iPod software
Freja's pictures
Nuclear Now!
Online lyric database
The real problem with Java
Mad website of the day
Livingstone, I presume
The Horse's Mouth
Very superstitious, writing’s on the wall
More holiday
OK, own up...
The Indy online
'Darkies Out' via RSS
Power Exfoliation Treatment, £75
Blue Saturn
The curse of the project meal
Bloody typical
Python meetup at The Stage Door, Waterloo on the 9th
Weird Eclipse error
So much holiday, so little time
The Billys are nice, though
The London Python Meetup Group
There's a lot to be said for being a man of your word
Team meal
Batch iTunes track conversion with Python and COM
A quick look at ElementTree
You are in a maze of twisty classes, all alike
The Neveratoss clan
"I suppose that you'll be needing it now."
Putting it all together
Quote of the day
We only let you drink it when it's ready
Never Forget
Damn you, Mark Matthews!
Bloglines Meme
Bloody Pregnant Women
Common sense
"Mostly Python. with ample helpings of C++"
Rivers on Titan
Zope at
Steve's future, take two
Special Cases
Big Red Button
Look out, Clapham
"Have a Twinkie, fat-boy"
Huygens lands on Titan
Malicious software removal tool from Microsoft
London Java Meetup
Elves Of Valinor Warn Of "Critical Security Flaw" In Palantír Browsers
Huygens arriving at Titan tomorrow
If I wasn't a republican already...
Impromptu beer
Nokia 7610
A Day Off
Richard Morgan
Python in Computer Weekly
Time to find a new bookshop
With friends like these...
Fell in love with a ...
And another thing!
Who am I working with?
If a job's worth doing...
Outputting dates in RFC822 and ISO8601 formats in Python
A Sense of Perspective
Happy Christmas, one and all!
Time for a new phone...
Static Typing in Python
A tip or two for house hunters
Stats up...
The Horror!
A Python Meetup at last!
Herd behaviour
Ged no good
Quote of the day
Salsa salsa salsa
Well, it is Christmas
On software pricing
Ugly Python
Office Party
Blunkett Out
Primary School Carol Concerts
Not Blogging Enough
Static vs. Dynamic
Bye-bye HP 1355
Standardised PCs
Google Suggest
Coders are from Mars, Clients are from Venus
It's Here...
I'd Better Watch Myself
Dynamic Languages Summit at Sun
Pheasants, peasants, who can tell the difference?
London Java Xmas Party This Evening
A Shiny new iPod
The Playlist Meme
Hmmm, take two
You get nothing but class in The City
Better Safe Than Sorry
Through Hell and High Water
No *wonder* I'm not getting anywhere...
Python 2.4 final
Reply to HP support
Seat-belts on Trains
What Hope the Amateur?
Sympathy for the Devil
It's all gone *very* Pete Tong
Interview with the Sociopath
It's all gone a bit Pete Tong
Economic Armageddon
Kick Ass!
Ho Ho Ho
More Pointless iTunes fun with Python
Google Scholar
A plague on both their houses
Burger porn
How can the richest country in the world look like this?
Python 2.4
A two curry day...
Bloody SQL Server
Pity the poor American liberal
Nerd Pride
Make your own iPod cover
A spot of mental stimulation
What is your current employer like?
Ufton Nervet
Driving iTunes from Python on Windows
Productivity Sink
Thick Americans?
Marry an American
Quote of the day
Here's to sugar on the strawberries
Young man, there's a place you can go
Well, *that's* reassuring
Error Code 001
Hobbits in Australia?
iTunes 4.7
Quantum Non-locality in the Macroscopic World
The Face of Titan
El Presidente had better watch his back...
The Coolest Man On Earth
First Against The Wall When The Revolution Comes
Too busy to stalk your ex?
Somebody call Guinness
Solar System Simulator
Back In The U.S.S.R.
Full marks for initiative...
How to Tell When a Relationship is Over
Random Pub Crawl
Scripting Civ IV
Neither here nor there
His & Hers...
The Good, The Bad, and the Nerdy
I'm 40% corrupt
A little harsh, perhaps
One not to be missed
PC World
Newton Woz Ere
Colourful Code
Zombie Personal Ads
The First Rule of Pillow Fight Club is...
Morbid tendencies
Cock, Aim, Fire
Blue Screen of Megadeath
Another woody to avoid
Goodbye Woody, hello Sarge
Nice People
Where's Hal?
Managers are *weird*
Historic City Maps
Which Distro?
Click here
Night of the Crawling Nerds
I could stop...
Now I feel nauseous
Anyone got a spare liver they can lend me?
Boris Johnson's blog!
This is all I need
The act of removing weeds from one's garden
How Chav Are You?
Form an orderly queue...
I'd argue. If I could be bothered.
40 years of The Current Bun
She's Got a Bottom!
Girding My Loins
Rotten Statics
Hog the middle lane, would you?
Bend Over...
Delta Green
iPod shuffle
StyleReport Pro
Mad Hungarian
What's on my iPod II
The dangers of site meters
What's on my iPod
London as it should have been
Insert your own shopping trolley joke here
Somethin' Else
Sloppy Drunk
Phonograph Blues
Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves
I Can't Stand The Rain
Jack the Ripper
Thanks, Mum!
A hint to the management
Code Complete, Second Edition
I Teleported Home One Night
Hierarchical SQL
In the interests of science
Pro Plus for Eclipse
No more caffine for you
OK to continue
Absinthe, nothing
Not just me, then
Since you came along
That's a relief!
The Python Paradox
Python Decorators
Soft Furnishings
Notes from abroad
I'm off
A *painful* boycott...
The new
Mocking a URL
Quote of the week
Oooh, look
Keeping Me Sane
Java link dump
IBM's new Eclipse toys
Soft-coding the class's name
Chav Central
Worst Album Covers Ever
In the event of an emergency
I like to think of myself as an all-round entertainer
Your Top Five Stinkers
Making me laugh today...
The UKIP and political correctness
Six Squared
Evil deeds
Circular Printer
I swear I never posted these...
Taking the back off the radio
Bigots in the BNP? Say it ain't so!
Scary Hacks
Eclipse: Mark Occurrences
The Ism Book
Obscene Tube Map
More Tribute Bands
Wetherspoon warns of slow sales
The Ultimate Swiss Army Knife
London Java Meetup Tonight
Test Coverage: JXCL
I smell another boycott...
That's quite enough for one day...
About Time
Jython and Groovy
Firefox 0.9.1
Curry Time!
Bloody dog
So Long Angel
I Rule!
Fail Fast
The Nerd Herd
The Nanny State
JSTL and instanceof
Happy Birthday, Bloglines!
Three steps forward, one step back
Pragmatic Programmers Interview
A Groovey Java meetup
Muse at Glastonbury
All quiet
Thank Christ for that!
Total Annihilation
All my favorite toys
Themed fonts
Generator expressions are go!
JSP 2.0
Death's too good...
JDBC Drivers for SQL Server
21st century Cthulhu
A nice little walk
Home again
Making tracks
I am not a hacker
I spoke to Dad
High Dudgeon
Coming like a ghost town
On the right track
The Future's Orange?
Cross platform fontage
On the river
Now is the time
Call DLLs from batch files
Cock Pond
I could really use a beer
Get well soon, Dad!
Jython Development Plugin for Eclipse
BeanUtils type conversion
Finite monkeys typing Shakespeare
5250 fans aren't Luddites
The Dalai Lama called me fat
A Little Bit of Politics
Time for a new host
A Glimpse of Light
Crash Upgrade
Son of Ooops!
That's quite enough work for one day
Night of the Living Geeks
Omniscient Debugging
Pretty Pictures
Big Brother wants to know
Do you take this woman?
Bugs can be a right bugger
Log it all! Mwahahahahahaha!
JSP 2.0 Tag Files
Eclipse Tips
Find Bugs with FindBugs
Python 2.3.4
Cross Platform Open Source more successful?
What's the story in Balamory?
Color Palette Creator
Emin's tent
The 120 Pints of Sodom
Rejection Rejection
Extending IE
Eclipse 3.0 M9
Taskbar Commander
A great software developer?
Blogs in Business
Show Time
There Can Be Only One
Where are the Thunderbirds?
Unnecessary Communications
Warning Shots
A Bit Harsh
Software Patents
A Rose By Any Other Name
Unchristian Christians
Shocking Security Lapse
A Power for Good?
Jez and Python
Too Hot
Goto Considered Harmful
By the fire that flashed from her eyes
The acronym tag
Smart Cards
London Evacuation
JProbe Freeware
Movable Type 3.0
An instant Internet classic
I'm back in my office tomorrow
Python for Series 60
First pictures of an extra-solar planet
Caffeine Mini Doses
Hara-Kiri computing
Top down, or bottom up?
Just a Little Better Every Day
The Nerds are Back in Town
Oh dear
Never mind Mars!
Dark Moon
Build GUIs with the Eclipse Visual Editor project
Red Planet
More than he could chew
The Ride Of The Valkyrie
File under 'Travel', 'Zen', 'Philosophy' and 'Utter bollocks'
Data Structures and Algorithms in Python
Bray on Jython
AS/400? No, iSeries? No, eServer i5.
I'm gonna get medieval on your ass
Misogynist? Me?
The power of RPG
Don't Return References to Mutable Objects
Nice box
Halfway There
I Like It Like That
Ditch the victim mentality
PyCon DC 2004
More desktop toys
Windows shutdown
Going out two nights on the trot!
Quote of the day
Anyone for a pint?
UK Open Source trade association
Python for Nokia Series 60
Man of Steel
Nooooobody expects the Spammer's Imposition!
What do women need us for?
Signifying nothing
Getting started with Hibernate and Spring
Command line parsing
End of Jython hiatus
Where to put Python
Without the aid of a safety net
Python recipes
How was Python UK 2004?
A touch of class
Converting Word documents to text
Python UK conference tomorrow
London Java Meetup - 19 Apr 2004
Using Digester and BeanUtils
Jenny - The Database Code Generator
Grammar joke of the day
A language comparison: postcode splitting in RPG and Python
Postcode formatting
Science triumphs over common sense once again
Bye, Mark
Eckel on typing Java and Python
What's wrong with RPG
It's going to cost me a fortune
Googlejuice is the new love
Rock 'n' Roll
Return to Sender
Why Do Java Developers Like to Make Things So Hard?
Bugger; no Wi-Fi
McDonald's clothes
All Quiet on the Eastern Front
Sci Fi sub-genres
Karmic feedback
Offline today
The world's worst variable names
JSTL Quick Reference
That was close!
The traditional omelet form is bourgeois
LotR, or I, Robot?
A Happy St. Patrick's day too you all!
Anyone for a beer?
Come back, Norman Tebbit
Joel on Python
I, Robot
Windows 'fatal'
New Shoes
The Threat of the Century
More orkut
London Java Meetup
Baldness cure?
Instant web server
A Mighty Relief
The girls at Tulna's wedding
Desperately Seeking Thomas
Designing Developer Tests
A Swiss Army Knife for the 3rd Millenium
Yes, it has been quiet around here
Fake is the new real
A blast from the past
Defending YAGNI
How To Spot A Fake Programmer
Eye eye
Ever wondered why VSS sucks so hard?
What One Hand Giveth...
Code Complete
DAO testing
Impromptu London Python Meetup
Imaginary Girlfriend
Locating the configuration files for my J2EE app
Get it while it's hot!
My blog stinks
MMR in the news again
Romance is truly dead
Staying on focus
DAO coding
Taking exception to Exceptions
JSTL resources
Why Python people are so nice to each other
London Java Meetup
One louder
What's new in Python 2.4
London Java Meetup tonight
Wanted: Knoppix with Tomcat
Postal strike
Atheism and Education
Windows 2000 source
Lost in Translation
Friday the 13th
Firebird is dead
I may have to get new mobile
HTTP Compression for Servlets
PDF generation
Trust the PDA
MVC the noddy way
London Java Meetup
Paddington again...
Who next?
What's wrong with J2EE
UK Python Conference 2004
South London Boys
Python: The Programming Language for Nice People
Log4j and J2EE
Terror law
The cult of competence
Sticking it to The Man
Freja's verdict
A Decimal Data Type - PEP 327
For Freja
The buck stops here
Busy busy busy...
Sir Bill
My visited country map
Pedant's delight
The Brunning Diet
Checkstyle or PMD?
The London Java Meetups
Belated New Year's resolution
Microsoft - you're shit, and you know you are, part II
J2EE done right
Getting there...
Off line...
Small world
The value of free software
Global Warming
Sickie Nation, reprise
Keep it in the family
Getting Windows version information in Python
Three score years and ten
First beer of the new year
Sickie nation
Parental tip
The Office
Browser as Desktop UI
JavaScript in Python
Are You A Blogaholic?
Congratulations, Sir Tim
I'm back!
Right, that's it, I'm orf
Yet more Christmas overindulgence
Hiding email addresses with JavaScript
Executing Saddam
Joel on Windows and Unix
Microsoft - you're shit, and you know you are
Software Patents
Nerd pride
Plerase do not adjust your set
Windows history
Open Source Profilers for Java
Blogging is passé
London Java Meetup
Ultimate Boot CD
Ace in the hole
Not in tomorrow...
Ad for nerds only
Next contestant - Sybil Fawlty
A major contribution to road safety
Been there, done that...
Dark future
Alert - Catherine Zeta Jones
Steve's future
Thinking about exercise
What Kind of Drunk Are You?
Python Bounties
Service programs and the binder source language
Running PyChecker from PythonWin
I'm feeling rather mellow...
My top ten
Now that he can afford beer again...
The Twits
Games, games, games
Joke of the day
Umbrellas reprise
Good Luck, Steve
Windows-to-Linux roadmap
School photos
London Java Meetup
El Presidente is away on Monday
Pedant's delight
Blair to step down?
Google as bad as Microsoft?
Spam filtering tools a bad thing?
Insanity is hereditary
Pragmatic Programmer t-shirts
Scary singing
We are working harder, not smarter
Blogging MPs
I want 'seven'
Eclipse 3.0 M5
Tail for Windows
David Blunkett, child snatcher
To all my Australian readers
A man of principle
Child catcher
Website of the week
codeja vu
Technology in the pursuit of human happiness
Kill Bill
They are certainly hampering mine...
Michael Jackson on the run
Have trouble remembering your new password?
7 hours, one line of code
Toy of the month
transit station
Diablo II 1.10
Home alone
GUI builder for Eclipse
Jython taglib
3d Tube Map
The Nigerian Scam
Arse curry
So long, Morden
Web Page Analyzer
Chasing Bush
UK Weblogger's Xmas Bash
Bizarre idea of the day
From The Grauniad
Mom finds out about blog
Wandering the 'net
Python UK 2004
On the door in Morden
About @*^#{@~ time!
Royal banality
Code Kata
Interview honesty
Hey, Boss!
The Matrix: Revolutions
There Are Going To Be Some Pointless Changes Around This Office
Blues on a Saturday night
You get all sorts round here...
Very Quick Wiki
Garbage collection
The Matrix Trilogy – Deleted scenes
The Tory leadership battle is over...
DHTML menu bar
JavaScript Event Sheets
My political compass
Linux Commands
Playstation Portable
Game Programming With Python
I need an upgrade...
Why does Mike Tyson cry while making love?
How to stop spam for once and for all
Don't like fireworks?
Python Quick Reference
Sortable tables
Fixing Windows shortcuts
Generator Expressions
Still cutting edge?
Technically competent?
Tuple arguments
I sense a disturbance in the blogsphere
Data != information
Windows archive software
Outlook one, Simon nil
He kept that one quiet...
Windows tip of the day
Buffy, scary?
The average Playboy centrefold, by decade
A man in the ladies...
Important lessons for the digitally inept
And the moral of the story is...
Sun Clock screen saver
An embarrassment of JavaScript riches
JavaScript Training
The curse of getting in early strikes again!
Setup.exe, OK, OK, reboot, repead ad infinitum...
It's alive!
The Old Lawnmower Club
Entry 1000!
This evening...
Eclipse M4
Total Recall
Zip it
Sex and the Holy City
I'm resting, darling
Mmm, beer
Being me
Web applications rule the enterprise
Sometimes, it's quicker to walk
Blogger demographics
Scroll Lock
Cthulhu -- why let something less evil serve your web pages?
Running mod_python on Apache on Windows
PythonCard and Boa Constructor
Web applications and date entry
Ten million blogs
Another day, another dollar
This just in...
This week I will mostly be installing Client Access Express
Morning Mayhem
Small Values - now with added favicon
More commented upon than commenting
Spirited Away
American Apology Shirt
A favicon for Small Values
Women - different sex, or different species?
Failure and Exceptions
WMDs - the best spin yet
GM Nation?
The Indy goes tabloid
It's what you say *and* how you say it
Word Considered Harmful
Pretty Eclipse pictures
You'll be hearing from my brief in the morning
The lucky, lucky bastard...
Tulna's hen night
Dysfunctional Programming
Bring back Doctor Who!
The Unsexy List
Whatever happened to pressure cookers?
Good luck, Steve...
More addictive than crack
Kitty Bash
Java Idioms
Programming Fonts
Break out the grog
A fine stern on that there scow
Avast there, you scurvy dogs!
Is your site accessable?
How autistic are you?
Big Brother is watching you
Am I an irritating colleague?
Another blow to UK IT contractors
Groovy, man
More "How English are you?" nonsense
Java refactoring with Eclipse
Nukeing vs. nuking
Asylum seekers eat babies shock
A useful gadget
Totally safe for work
Not my finest hour
Context is everything
Comedy attire
A rose by any other other name...
Getter and setter methods are evil
Rant of the week
Sun joining the Eclipse consortium?
This blog is 80% British
Tomb Raider: The Bag of Shite
I'm in!
Groovy new Bloglines feature
No Internet at work today...
The end is nigh for the Sultan of Spin
Advance Wars 2
London blackout
Quote of the week?
Blog culture
Python fixed decimal types and immutability
Your house is bum
Dynamic languages and virtual machines
Sample aptitude tests?
Naughty naughty
Ladder theory
Perhaps I'll plug my telly in after all
118 whatever
Aunty is giving it all away
The secret life of GetWindowText
Bank holiday weekend
Oh dear, Steve...
Well done, coalition troops
Tulna's getting Married!
More Ruby goodness
Test versus Type
The not-so-young Turks
Thought screen helmets
What's better about Ruby than Python?
A man's Lexicon of care labels
Blue screen of megadeath
Bad Idea of the day
"Teenagers know fuck all" shock
Itchy chin rub
Extreme refactoring
Python - just say NO!
WyPy: A Minimal Python Wiki
What's wrong with my blog?
Running Python from a Windows network
Idi Amin
Design your own hell
Moving again
The oldest swinger in town
Python and Java: a Side-by-Side Comparison
The CPS's new head has a 'criminal' past
Perhaps it will be worth getting WiFi after all...
Eeek! Scary Java bug
Jail threat over racist word
Cheetos of Mass Destruction
mxBase available for Python 2.3
10 Python pitfalls
Can't spot a spoof? Meet Google...
Processing RSS in Java
An eight-year-old sex symbol
The Standard Python Library updated
Microsoft in the news
WebSphere Development Studio Client 5.1
OS/400 on a PSone?
I'm back...
My Mum's website
I'm off
Jail Babes
IT the EasyJet way
The end of Hubble
The harsh truth
Nerd meetings and events in London
Beauty and the Beast
Unwise Microwave Oven Experiments
How many Daiquiris?
Thanks, Tracey
Python 2.3 is here
Barbie porn
Don't do that - you'll go blind!
Margaritas, Daiquiris and Mojitos
The Haynes Baby Manual
The Real Underground
I'm so old they've cancelled my blood type
The 51st State?
You are here
Blake's 7 without the cardboard
Technology in the pursuit of human happiness
Russ on Python
Java - a Language for the masses?
My eyes, my eyes....
Heath Robinson
Python 2.3 release candidate 2
What women want
Database connection pooling
Baboons can code
Proof of the existence of God
Cool, but worrying
9/11 - one event, or two?
A post-literate society?
Packer layout manager
Pizza cuts cancer risk
BBC blog coverage
Eclipse 3.0 M2 - New and Noteworthy
Corporate Pimps
The Ideal Programmer
The next time I fly...
Python 2.3 release candidate 1
23 today
Dr David Kelly's body found
You know you've been away from the '400 for too long...
Hunting for Bambi
Daddy, why did we have to attack Iraq?
Python Warts updated
The apostrophe in the 21st century
Matrix Ping-pong
Visual Basic to Python
Using the Jakarta Commons
This week, I will be mostly...
Weblog Ethics
toString - just say no!
Forty seven degrees in Madrid yesterday
Python Web Frameworks
Online groups
Scary stuff
Python Boosts JAR File Auditor Functionality
The internet is shit.
I'm beginning to recognise the air hostesses...
Online Java resources
Atonal Kitten
Go wild in the country
XP and design
Top Trumps - with a difference
Blog glossary
Irritating colleagues
The Paint Game
For the less aspirational parent
Thumbnail Image
This weekend
Google toolbar 2.0
Dynamically extending Python classes
The Matrix Reloaded: The Abridged Script
Text Processing in Python
Open source = higher quality
Back in Amsterdam
Eclipse 3.0 M1
Email on the road...
Java 1.4.2
Python 2.3
UK Blogmeet
Long time, no blog
Next week, Madrid
On the road again
Sun and Zend push scripting for Java - so?
Ten hours sleep...
How many bloggers does it take to change a lightbulb?
Python Descriptors
Tempt me
I should have just drunk all night
I love this town
Room 404
Regular Expression library
A night out in Amsterdam
From 22,000 feet
Over the hill at 35?
Wherever I lay my notebook...
I'm off to pick up the girls now
Racing game
Too hot...
The Framley Examiner
Has the World gone mad?
What is an object?
Summer's here...
Writing good exceptions
The arse end of nowhere
Rude software
Is it a Screensaver, or is it art?
Like a bull in a china shop
Write A Better Weblog
International man of mystery
'Point-and-click' programming
Puncturing the pompous
Escher Web Sketch
How to write a main() function in Python
Coming home today
Made it to Amsterdam in one piece...
Another day, another language...
Strong Typing vs. Strong Testing
Asynchronous generators
Choosy, or fussy?
Note to self...
Standard libraries - Java vs. Python
Over engineering and VB?
My cat died under a labour government
The Indy goes pay-per-view
The Mobitopians...
The latest from Iraq...
Floating Point Arithmetic: Issues and Limitations
Alone in the office...
Are Programmers People?
Seeing Seeing Double
The Future of Programming on the iSeries
Python 2.3
This hidden entrance...
Ted Codd
I'll have to keep an eye on that one...
Bottom-Heavy Email
The Hundred-Year Language
Python - an agile programming language?
The human genome
Blogging MP
comp.lang.python made flesh
Grey hair!
Congo massacre
It's not over yet
Oh Lord...
It's not for girls
Bob’s Quick Guide to the Apostrophe, You Idiots
Python and Apache
Bloggers in the flesh
Al Jazeera
Python and Patterns
Python UK 2003 - I'm back!
In the spirit of the day...
Python UK Conference 2003
Only total nerds need bother reading this
Driving win32 GUIs with Python, part 4
Game Boy Advance SP
Your Knowledge Portfolio
Why the real Vietnam might start when the formal war has finished
I blame that Bin Laden chap...
Umm Qasr
Leave the poor bastards alone
US Forms Own UN
You can get drunk on Guinness
It's OK if it's in a song...
Robin Cook - an un-person?
Blogging is not journalism. Bloggers are not journalists.
Bit of a quiet weekend...
JSR-666: Rich text identifiers
Anyone remember Cough Candy Twists?
Driving win32 GUIs with Python, part 3
Python: Multiple dispatch
G.W. Bush's speech
No girls this weekend
The girls' boyfriends
Driving win32 GUIs with Python, part 2
Python UK Conference 2003
A nice little toy
The Guinness Experiment
I *did* get a paper today...
First there were Freedom Fries...
I'm not allowed a girlfriend
Driving win32 GUIs with Python, part 1
Java Extreme Programming Cookbook
No paper today
The London Men's Self-Help Pub Crawl Group
Short is staying after all
Family Tech Support
You can't get drunk on Guinness
It's a question of when, not if
Struts Action Scripting
St. Patrick's Day
You'd have thought that they'd have told someone
Have one on us!
The Standard Python Library
jEdit 4.1
Paper CD case
Kevin Cement
SVoC out of order...
Which AD&D character class am I?
I'm back
Mad in Madrid
Saddam and George
And you thought drivers with mobile philes were bad news
Doom and gloom
Sun's marketing department are losing the plot
Why Bush doesn't want more inspections
Robert Mugabe
Say it loud, single and proud
Homeland Security Threat Monitor
PEP 308 - run away, run away!
Seven Deadly Sins of Introductory Programming Language Design
At least Blair has succeeded in uniting the Catholic and Anglican churches...
IBM actually trying to sell the '400 for a change?
Happy birthday, Steve!
The UN's Abyssinia?
The Python 2.3 Method Resolution Order
Why Nerds are Unpopular
Typing: Safety causes Bugs
Shipping the prototype
Interviews with Guido van Rossum
Java 1.5 features
Global Potato News
Fine-tuning garbage collection
Python Programmer Weblogs
Dave Thomas has a blog
U.N orders Wonka to submit to Chocolate Factory Inspections
I am 71% geek
JSR-666: Programmability Enhancements
VSS for Eclipse - updated
The effbot is no longer a Python developer
RPG's MONITOR opcode
The real threat to London's Theaterland
Programming at Python Speed
85 of 101 Reasons, Rebutted
Opening Microsoft File Formats to Java
Perl 6 and Python 3000
Anthony Eden on Scripting Java Applications with Jython
Racist scum win British council seat
The Future of Java?
path module for Python
V5R1 - Journaling, data queues and data areas
Python blogs
Caching with SoftReferences
Boa Constructor alpha 0.2 out
Pay up and stop complaining
Paper Clip Paradox
Concurrency utilities for Java
Erroneously Empty Code Paths
.NET viable on non-Windows platforms?
Decimal Arithmetic
jEdit macros with Jython
Bean Scripting Framework moves to Jacada
Running Python scripts from the Windows command line
A style guide for the Internet Age
Microsoft in the Independent
Python 2.3a1
36 hour drinking
Eclipse 2.1 M4
Do you want the good news, or the bad news?
Encapsulation gotchas
Python templating
Python introspection
Why piracy doesn't matter
Windows screensaver randomiser
Google goes shopping
Choose your ghetto
Really don't Use System.out.println!
IBM to buy Rational - or Microsoft?
Extending Java
Java multiple inheritance
ASCII banner generator
Quotes from Alt.Sysadmin.Recovery
TCP/IP exit point intro
EasyGui 0.5
Easy Struts
Classes, interfaces, and factories
Don't Use System.out.println!
Is the worst over?
Off sick...
Moving Java forward
AspectJ Now Supports Bytecode Weaving
Hi-tech Hell
J2EE vs. NET, Java vs. C#
Java Access to AS/400 Data
Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam
Project Genesis
Using SQL's scalar functions from RPG
The Journal of Object Technology
Calling all firefighters
You want what?
The Law of Leaky Abstractions
The principle of least privilege
The Tech Gap
Struts 1.1
Java generics
Civilization III: Play the World
Microsoft's FUD isn't working
Eclipse 2.1
J2EE Performance
What is Python?
Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam.
WebFacing into Tomcat does go!
Repetitive automation
Sun thinks that J2EE is the way to go
File renaming - Java vs. Python.
Using the 'final' keyword
O'Reilly Struts article
Java Launcher
Class reloader
J2EE or .NET?
Atari Adventure
Java on the desktop
WDSc's Visual Editor
Java Persistence Frameworks
Language popularity in Open Source
Dudley Earthquake Appeal
GZip for iSeries
The Fujitsu P2000
Running Tomcat with Apache on Win32
The Browser will Rise Again
Java Best Practice
Why teenagers don't read newspapers
iSeries roundup
Python 2.2.2
Commons Lang
Ravioli Code
Teaching Java the Extreme Way
Scrotal Asymmetry in Man and in Ancient Sculpture
CVS and Windows
Primitive types and objects
£249 PC
Scripting Java Applications
Tips for Pragmatic Programmers
Die, bastard spammers, die!
Arrrgh! My eyes!
Acronyms finder
The History of the Tilde
How do I loath thee, VB? Let me count the ways
A whole bunch of Java articles...
Slightly Less Common Latin Phrases
Microsoft Announces Ads for BSOD
Minimalist GNU For Windows
Slashdot quote of the year
Quantum Eclipse Plug-in
The Extreme Tuesday Club
JDK 1.4 Class Diagrams
Life in the outer Solar System?
System tray icons in Java
FARK today
IBM's iSeries Tools Strategy
WebSphere Host Access Transformation Server
Blondes endangered?
The Skeptic's Annotated Bible
Silly stuff
The EffNews Project
Quote of the day...
Now here's a challenge...
"Wall of Death" motorway bends
"We are taking no chances in such a sensitive area."
Make your own Bush speech
Write Once Run Anywhere
A case for action, not a case for war.
Class.forName() is evil...
J2EE Container Shootout
Software Engineering for Everyone
Physics applets
The tube strike
Small Values of Cool is evil
Google News
Illiberal liberals?
Atomic Clock Sync
My collection of quotations
Quote of the day
News Aggregator
Dynamic Proxies in Java
MAL's packages
Liberty and Livelihood
iSeries and OS/400 roadmaps
XML-RPC for Python
Java layout managers
Text Processing in Python
The "What Sucks" Index
Taliban Reunited
Java, Language of Tomorrow?
The End of Inheritance
Seven tricks that Web users don't know
8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter
Bush launching "Operation Shut Your Piehole"
Python and ADO
SQuirreL SQL
SQL triggers
Genghis Blunkett at it again...
Big Physics, Big Con
Python UK 2003
Simple JSP Custom Tag in Jython
'Software Choice'
A real piece of history
Micro$oft finally getting wise about subscription software?
Python and MQSeries
Lightweight services for Python
Java Gui Builder
Is Tomcat Crap?
Java, J2EE and/or Eclipse related weblogs
Crossbar reporting framework
Struts plug-in for Eclipse
Eclipse news
Hypocritical politeness
You need sound for this...
You thought the Windows key was useless?
VSS plugin for Eclipse
I am better than your kids
Not the Best British Blog
The Insects from Shaggy
Open Source a threat to Java?
The Alanis Morissette Lyric Generator
Unix is a zombie
Building an RSS Newsreader
Virtual Om
I'm an intelligent viewer. Get me out of here!
Python UK conference 2003
Suddenly, it all went black...
IT is not geeky
Which * are you?
Not in good taste
Reality TV
The IT Job Market
Java hits obstacle with cell phones
C# vs. Java
JSPs, the MVC model, and Struts
US increasingly isolated over Kyoto
Random weblog
Google Glossary
Eclipse Workbench
Good Advice and Maxims for Programmers
So, farewell then, SatireWire...
For those of you whose boss is away this week...
Windows scripting
Java roundup
Python roundup
Show me the evidence
Adding Subprocedures to a Service Program
The Color Schemer
The problem with Web Services
Why women make better managers
Automating iSeries FTP transfers
Unix utilities for Windows
Effective Javadoc
Time to open-source OS/400?
Modern maths
Catholics, look away now
Cal's been at work again
Exploding purple dogs
Teenager hit by meteorite
Unwanted Internet fame
V5R2 DB2 UDB enhancements
Object-relational data binding using Castor
PDF generation
National Slacker Day
Fear and Loathing in Ulster
The Call of Cuddly Cthulhu
Passport to the Pub
Because I said so!
Python South-East UK booze-up page
Using Tomcat in Production
Shock finding...
Python South-East UK booze ups
Launcher X
DB2 UDB for iSeries enhancements at V5R2 - yet more
This afternoons events in the restroom
Women find it attractive...
On the choice of programming languages
Source colouring in SEU
Single Sign-on Support in V5R2
Python UK booze up
The CLEAR op-code in RPG
Don't bank on IDS
UML modeling in Eclipse
The Future of 24/7 Computing
I bloody knew it
Taller men are more sexually attractive
SuperWaba 3.0
Old thinking and new thinking
Evo - alife framework
iSeries Tools and the Power of X
The population of the world
Bill Biggart's final photograph
More cool online games
Bizarre little site
Python DB-API 2.0 driver for Microsoft ADO
5K winners
Barcode generator
Go To Statement Considered Harmful
Java 3?
I am 42% Geek
The cruft crisis
Bruce Sterling on Open Source
Holocaust Deniers Change Tactics
Weak, Soft and Phantom references in Java
Missing girls 'spotted larking about'
Driving tips
Why you will never win...
The 200 worst films of all time
iSeries web servers
Hamas: enemies of peace
SimpleParse 2
Python sorts
Too late to move to ILE RPG?
Lunar Lander
Paper Television
'Am I Hot or Not' for web logs
Free iSeries utilities
Using environment variables with RPGIV
Mastering Regular Expressions, 2nd Ed
The UK's OSS policy
Working the Eclipse Platform
The Italians disable 5 US based websites
The Human Clock
HTML style guide
Six Degrees of Separation: An Urban Myth?
"A great success"
They are all witches...
Second law of thermodynamics "broken"
The Official Ninja Webpage
GUI programming with PythonCard
One Hundred Albums You Should Remove from Your Collection Immediately
Toxic Solar Wyrm in Middle Earth
Wall Street Suffers Worst Setback Since Yesterday
Monty Python, the complete scripts
Running an iSeries Command from Java
Cellular Automata
More Python related blogs
Strategic Commander
Python Web Frameworks Overview
Son of Gadfly
The great charade
The Eagle Has Crash Landed
Search Amazon from Python
Python FUD
Parameter prototyping
Generator-based state machines
Python Eclipse
The 2002 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest awards
Measuring performance
FARK stories today
Frodo Baggins Charged With War Crimes
Pointers on pointers
Python in the enterprise
Windows RG
The Guardian on Blogging
Bitter Java
The Google Mirror
Biblical contradictions
Monster iSeries sold
Some fab online Java games
A couple of interesting web logs
PythonWin - running scripts as an external process
What is your cyborg acronym?
Powers Phillips, P.C.
What would happen if the moon crashed into the earth?
Fabulous icons
How to win friends and influence people - online
With great power comes great responsibility
UK web logs
Celebrities out of their depth
Striving for Optimal Journal Performance
Python Metaclasses
Where have all the open source vendors gone?
World Wide Words
Worst Case Scenarios
Code modernisation
The Martellibot speaks...
More details on UDB2/400 enhancements at V5R2
Berkoff deported from US
Euro entry and the five tests
Connection Pooling with Tomcat
Palladium update
A new candidate for the nerdiest web page of all time?
Eclipse 2.0 final released
Another one!
Open source web application servers.
A woman is special
Ultimate Soccer Showdown
Hawkin's Bazaar
The case for static types
A History of Teapots
Eclipse on
Britney exposed
Stargate Eclipse - iSeries Development Update
The peace proposal which makes peace impossible
Eclipse 2.0 Gold Master Candidate online
Else clauses in Python
Web usability is improving
Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
Stargate Eclipse - iSeries Development Update
Evolution Is Biologically Impossible
Python related blogs
Python - it is rocket science...
Microsoft bids to control your PC and the Internet
Python interfaces and object adaptation
London Bloggers Tube Map
Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About
Asteroid near-miss
Suicidal Chipmunk
Strangelets from outer space attacking Earth
The truth behind programming languages
Board Game Geek
Satire at its finest
Korean striker's Italian coup earns him the sack
Simplifying Tasks
RPGIV enhancements at V5R2
Thunderbirds are Go!
Weblogs give a voice to Iranian women
Eclipse: An IDE for Tomorrow?
A computer with common sense?
This can't be true
15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense
Code Migration and Modernization
Teleportation for real
Python PS2 and GameCube ports?
Why software is so bad...
Start NT programs from the iSeries
The Philosophy of Kissing
Guidelines for UK Government websites
Economics and open source
30 days to a more accessible weblog
Guns Are Only Deadly If Used For Their Intended Purpose
Design Pattern Matrix
Developing for the J2EE Tomcat Platform
/CSS/ - a guide for the unglued
Sex Tips For Geeks
The Open Source Initiative
The Christian Linux distribution
South Park Studio
Platform dependent bugs
Managing Software Engineers
Confusing web sites
Get to know some tools!
Here be Dragons!
GNU Enterprise
Large projects in Python
Introduction to CSS Layout
Heavy metal logos
New release of omniORB
Professional Programmers
Greenpeace will now oppose everything
September the 11th - Big Ben a target?
Software installation with Ant
Interesting blog...
Anti-open source 'whitepaper' devastated
The Beijing Evening News falls for The Onion
Elvis links
The Osbournes
Iterators and Generators
Python 2.3
RPG toolbox
The BDFL speaks
New release of win32all
Zope News
Eclipse community projects and plugins
Pre-human civilization?
Are your beliefs self consistent?
Monopoly playing pieces
Soccer-mad US crazed over World Cup.
Science is hard
Cascading Style Sheets, Promise vs. Reality
Conceptual Models of a Program?
wxPython tutorial
Using Swing with Jython
The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
Free game of the day
Moon Software
Eclipse F2 is out.
Mozilla 1.0 released...
The Python Business Forum
Totally awesome software?
Conway's Game of Life
Muggings and Robberies halve in cannabis area
In a Japanese Arcade near you.
Wicked Problems
Language Neutrality and the Java Platform
Carl Sagan's Baloney Detection Kit
Small Objects of Desire
PC Pro
Why won't users RTFM?
The MEMS Exchange Architecture
Currently residing in the where-are-they-now file...
Shock Horror!
The Art of the Screensaver
Bicycle Repair Man!
Zelda on the GameCube
Yet more new Eclipse stuff
Sigh. More unmissable daily reading...
Google Labs
Eclipse Freeze Build F1
iSeries triggers at V5R1
Pub guide
Eclipse 2.0 soon
Dilbert is at Google.
Are All Languages Equivalent?
.NET to be patented?
What is Well-Commented Code?
Microsoft violates its own Statement of Privacy
iSeries DocFinder
What's New in DB2 for iSeries at V5R2
The Phobia List
Enemies reunited
Jakarta-Tomcat tutorial
Python GUI toolkits
Seriously useful web page
Déjà vu
The BBC's search engine
"We're going to cut up their passports."
Python Web Frameworks Overview
Winnie the Pooh
Ad complaints
How IBM became the good guys
Open Source and the UK government
iSeries tool vendors plugging into Eclipse
The Python Pattern
FUD fighting
Google's Genius, or Google's Gaffe?
Jython Essentials
The mullet is back!
OpenOffice 1.0 released
Syntax Checking the Scripting Way
EuroPython 2002
Joel talks to Tom DeMarco
IBM releases iSeries model 890 Regattas
What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic
Java Tools For Extreme Programming
Eclipse coming on nicely.
A bit of a harsh review.
Python on the iSeries
AWT Table component.
French Intellectuals in Afghanistan
New blog.