April 22, 2005
John Hegley

Rather than watch bigotvision last night, I went to see John Hegley at the Colliers Wood Library. I've read his stuff before, and loved it, but I've never seen him live. He was much, much better better that I was expecting. He didn't just read his stuff; there was a lot of interaction with the audience, and he improvised a lot. His delivery was superb.

The kids in the auduience loved it as much as the adults. I wish my girls could have been around to see him.

He went off afterwards to do a gig at Shepards Bush. I'm keen to see him again, at a big venue if necessary, but I can't help feeling that he wouldn't be the same in a less intimate venue, where he couldn't look you in the eye, ask the audience questions, and count the glasses wearers.

Steve Lake also did a set. "Interesting". Not interesting, but "interesting". Lighten up, man.

Posted to Funny by Simon Brunning at April 22, 2005 12:43 PM
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