August 16, 2004

One of the things that we've been up to in the last week is looking into some sort of group collaboration software. It seems that it's only a bad idea if it's my suggestion. ;-)

We looked a a whole bunch of tools. Plone looked like superb software for doing loads of publishing style things that we don't really want to do, but it was way over the top for us. SquishDot was another tool we looked at. Again, very nice, but it's not so much discussions and announcements that we want it host as it is a repository for all the how-tos that we always sent around by email. And lose. Tracey seemed rather keen on SharePoint, but it seemed rather too structured to the rest of us. Besides, that Microsoft lock in is a bitch.

In the end, we've gone for a Wiki. We are using the MoinMoin engine - it's one of the most mature, it does everything we need, and it looks good. At least, some of the themes do. ;-)

We are unlikely to be exposing it to the outside world, though, I'm afraid.

Now, the main question seems to be what to call it. ElPresidente, sorry, El Presidente seems to be rather keen on "Skippy".

Posted to Software by Simon Brunning at August 16, 2004 01:40 PM
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