August 04, 2004

Congratulations to my ex Cath, and to Dan, her husband - they had a healthy baby boy at six this morning.

They had been told that it was a girl, so they have a pink bedroom and lots of little dresses. But Dan at least will be over the moon anyway - he was desperate for a boy to take to Highgate. Cath'll be pleased too, 'cos he won't be nagging her her for anther baby now!

Freja is deligted. Ella's got mixed feelings - she isn't the baby any more, and besides, she wanted a little sister. Still, I know she'll warm to the idea when she sees her new little brother. Which won't be until the weekend, 'cos we are in Newcastle for the rest of the week.

Update: The baby was 3 kilos (6 pounds 10 ounces in old money), born after a one hour labour, and is called Reuben. (Or is that Ruben?) Cath and Reuben ar now at home, and both are well.

Posted to Apropos of nothing by Simon Brunning at August 04, 2004 11:03 AM
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