August 03, 2004
Notes from abroad

Well, up north, at any rate.

We all went up to Whitehouse Farm yesterday. I really can't recommend it enough. Large animals to feed, as much handling of small animls as you can, um, handle, tractor rides, a picnic, a big slide, it's all a small girl could ask for. Or four small girls, in our case. Photos to follow. Lots of photos. I've got my SLR back from my ex, so I've been getting to know it again. Fun!

We went to Grossology today at the Life Center. Nice, if small. I suppose that I'm spoiled by havng all the London museums on my doorstep - especially the wonderful Science Museum.

I had a night out on the tiles with Mark last night. Classy place, Newcastle; Kiss was holding an amateur pole-dancing night. Nice.

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