July 12, 2004
London Java Meetup Tonight

Ooooh, it's going to be an exciting London Java Meetup tonight!

Firstly, we've got Hani versus James and the Groovy boys arguing about Groovy. Despite what Sam says, I'm not against Groovy as such, but I have my own favorite, and with religious wars, you often get a with-us-or-against-us kind of thing going on. ;-)

Then, for the 2nd act, you'll have the Thoughtworkers having a full and frank exchange of views with Hani, who's been dissing them and their Guru.

Should be fun.

Posted to Java by Simon Brunning at July 12, 2004 02:11 PM

Shhh! No-one's supposed to know who I work for :-)

I think I'll be the only one in any case - as for MF being our guru, I'll let you know what I think if you buy me a pint...

Posted by: Sam Newman on July 12, 2004 03:17 PM

I'm always happy to buy you a pint, Sam. After the fist fights have died down, that is. ;-)

Posted by: Simon Brunning on July 12, 2004 03:25 PM
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