June 28, 2004
A Groovey Java meetup

London Java Meetup - 12 July 2004. This meetup's topic is Groovy, James Strachan's dynamic language for the JVM. I've had my say on this before - what does it have that Jython doesn't have? The main answer seems to be that Groovy has a Java-like syntax. Since I prefer Python's syntax, this isn't a big win for me. ;-)

Groovy's other big plus points are either shared with Jython (transparent access to the Java API, ability to create real Java classes) or pretty minor (Groovy has closures).

Python offers me the advantage that I can use (pretty much) the same language for COM scripting, Windows API madness, you name it. Can't do these with Groovy!

Anyway, as I said last time, I like the people, and we never manage to stay on-topic anyway, so I'll be there.

Oh, and a big thanks to Jez for organising these.

Posted to Java by Simon Brunning at June 28, 2004 10:50 AM
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