May 20, 2004
Where are the Thunderbirds?

If this doesn't call for a humanitarian air-lift, nothing does: Norwegian beer supplies at risk.

Posted to Funny by Simon Brunning at May 20, 2004 01:29 PM

Having spent a great deal of time in Norway in the past I can vouch for the quality of their beer. It will NOT be missed. Lovely herrings though!

Posted by: Steve on May 20, 2004 01:32 PM

Any port in a storm, Steve. It's all they have.

Posted by: Simon Brunning on May 20, 2004 01:39 PM

Bloody pricey too. Mind you, Sweden is worse. They get on the bridge and go to Copenhagen to get drunk.

Strange lot those scandinavians

Posted by: Andy Todd on May 20, 2004 07:46 PM
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