April 29, 2004
Nice box

Mark hasn't even started at his new job yet, but already he's spending his ill gotten burger flipping wages; he was showing off his new GeForce FX 5900 XT last night.

Not that it looked that impressive - a box is a box, after all. You have to plug the thing in before it's impresive.

So, Mark, how was it for you?

Posted to Toys and games by Simon Brunning at April 29, 2004 12:41 PM

It looked even less impressive out of the box. On the other hand, being a non-techie I had expected a graphics 'card' to look like, well, a card, but in fact it looked much scarier than that with lots of little bits of things and stuff.

Mark plugged it in and then drooled over how much better the graphics looked on Warcraft III. Couldn't tell the difference myself, but it seemed to make Mark happy, bless 'im.

Posted by: Katherine on April 29, 2004 02:55 PM

It rocks like a big rocky lump of Uluru (Big red granite outcrop in Australia to you and me).
I put in the new card, sealed up the box, and then rememebred that it needs separate power from the disk-drive supply. Opened the box, plugged in the power, and up it came. New drivers went on, no problems. Tested the desktop, nice. Then started up my fave game....
Well, I always thought that the slow moving clunky menus, and the mouse cursor that glided lazily into place after you'd moved it in WarcraftIII (Frozen Throne) were part of the funky appearance.
Now, the menus are like "done that, what you waiting for slacker?". So, cranked up the game to it's maximum graphics spec, that previously I could only have dreamed of....
..flawless. I could hear the card saying "is that all you've got?". Smooth like a silky thing covered in baby oil... schweeeettt like sugar...

Posted by: Mark Matthrews on April 29, 2004 03:31 PM

p.s. and yes, it did make me happy, but being a geek thats, well, cool :-)

Posted by: Mark Matthrews on April 29, 2004 03:32 PM

Like I said - drooled. I'm surprised he didn't want to bring it to bed with us.

Posted by: Katherine on April 29, 2004 03:35 PM

I have no desire to learn what Mark does and does not bring to bed with you. That's just *too* much information.

Posted by: Simon Brunning on April 29, 2004 03:39 PM

"Baby Oil". Nuff Said.

(sorry folks... being the King of Cheese, had to do it)

Posted by: Mark Matthrews on April 29, 2004 03:42 PM

Oh, no... it's catching... now Bill wants one! Reckons it's the "bottleneck in the system", despite it being "state of the art" only a year or so ago.
So I can see it coming - we'll go round again with the sequential upgrades... his old card becomes my new one, my old card becomes Tom's new one, and God alone knows what happens to the one he used to have.

Posted by: Tracey on May 4, 2004 09:18 AM
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