April 21, 2004
Command line parsing

I mentioned Michele Simionato's lovely command line parser the other day. The nice thing about this is that it takes the command line option definitions from a human readable definition in the module's docstring.

David Boddie commented on this recipe, pointing out his lovely command line parser. The nice thing about this one is that it can throw up an automatically generated GUI form allowing the options to be specified in addition to accepting the options from the command line. (There's nothing new in the world - this is similar in concept to the way the iSeries' commands work.) But the syntax that David's parser uses isn't too user friendly.

So, what I'd really like would be a combination of the two approaches; David's GUI generating parser, but driven from a human readable docstring. Well, I have the code to both, so I'll have a bash at a cut-n-shunt job.

Posted to Python by Simon Brunning at April 21, 2004 01:18 PM
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