April 21, 2004
End of Jython hiatus

Things are happening in Jython land again. Firstly, there's a new alpha release. It's not ready for the real world yet, it's true, but it's nice to see concrete progress.

Also, there have been a number of Jython related articles and blog postings recently; The Way You Develop Web Applications May Be Wrong, Fun with Jython, Introduction to Jython, Part 1: Java programming made easier and Part 2: Programming essentials, and Simplify Web development with Jython, Spring and Velocity.

Which brings me on to Spring. I'm always a bit suspicious when something looks too good to be true, (after all, why settle for snake-oil then you can have the whole snake,) but Sam assures me that Spring really is as good as it claims to be, so I'm tempted to give it a bash.

Update: A couple more good recent Jython articles: Use Jython to Write Ant Tasks and Learn how to write DB2 JDBC tools in Jython.

Posted to Python by Simon Brunning at April 21, 2004 12:32 PM
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