November 28, 2003

Masters of their universe: "Most video games stipulated the experience the player was going to have. They said: you stand here and we'll throw aliens/dragons/humorous frogs at you. Bell and Braben's sequence of inventions amounted to a gradual refusal to do anything of the kind. They were arriving at a game that left what to do and where to go entirely up to the player."

I remember playing Elite for weeks and weeks, for hours at a time. Brilliant. Rarely equalled as a gaming experience, and never surpassed.

(One thing missing from the article - Elite's trading system was clearly heavily influenced by that of the Traveller RPG (1977), which I also played around that time.)

There are a few modern Elitealikes floating around at the moment. X-Tension is one good one, which I played for a good while. Independence War II - Edge of Chaos, which I'm playing at the moment, is even better, if a bit less open ended. I hear good things about Freelancer, too, but I've not tried it. This month's spare cash is going on Christmas presents, so I won't get the chance for a while.

Via little things.

Posted to Toys and games by Simon Brunning at November 28, 2003 11:10 AM

Elite, ah the best game ever.

Freelancer is good, just make sure you've got a decently specc'ed PC to appreciate the graphics. Oh, and some patience because the single player missions are hard. Well, unless you're nine years old anyway ;-)

Posted by: Andy Todd on November 28, 2003 12:48 PM

A well spec'ed machine. Hmmm. Oh well...

Posted by: Simon Brunning on November 28, 2003 01:03 PM

But for total eye candy you can't go past Homeworld 2

Posted by: Andy Todd on November 29, 2003 11:51 AM

Oh, I think I can - .


Posted by: Simon Brunning on December 1, 2003 09:25 AM
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