November 03, 2003
Still cutting edge?

Ted Leung points out a couple of iSeries related articles. An Object-based Systems Architecture, which talks about how OS/400 is object oriented to the very core, and its capability-based security features. Few people outside of IBM's Rochester development lab. are aware that the AS/400 is a marvellous bit of advanced technology - still (IMHO) many years in advance of anything else on the market.

WinFS Vs GNOME Storage? Can you Say OS/400? is about the '400's database based filesystem, how ahead if its time this was, and how bloody useful it is.

I just went over to a client this morning to make a quick fix, and I have to say that the '400 doesn't feel particularly cutting edge. But that's just the tools, really - PDM, SEU and DFU, (the tools I used today) are all out of the ark. IBM have certainly provided more up to date tools, but in my experience, no one uses them.

In fact, I was using a 5250 dumb terminal today. Good God, no cut and paste! I kept looking over my shoulder, worried about being attacked by a saber-tooth.

Posted to iSeries by Simon Brunning at November 03, 2003 12:01 PM
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