October 22, 2003

So, if I'm going to be using JavaScript and bretheren, I'm going to need a unit test framework. So, is JsUnit the standard?

The past couple of days' JavaScript training from Lumia was good. We covered a lot, and had plenty of hands on exercise. I've supported JS before, but I was in at the deep end, souring the manual. Now, I think I'd be happy to know what I was doing, and to develop new stuff from scratch.

With the manual in hand, of course. ;-)

What was missing from the course was any mention of OOP, or of exception handling. Both of these should have been covered, IMHO, especially given JS's somewhat idiosyncratic treatment of the former. This would definitely have pushed the course into three days, though.

Posted to JavaScript by Simon Brunning at October 22, 2003 10:07 AM
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