October 21, 2003
JavaScript Training

OK, Andy, EMCA Script then. ;-)

It turns out that the JavaScript Training is pretty good, and the trainer is coping pretty well with the disparate needs of my disparate team. We covered a bit of CSS and DOM as well as JS yesterday. By end of play today, I reckon we'll all know enough to achieve most of what one might want to do, and know where to go to find out the rest.

Dan and I are tearing through the examples, while the others are proceeding a little more slowly, but we are keeping together fairly well in terms of subject matter. I knew pretty much all of this stuff in theory, but practise is a little different, of course.

Bob, the trainer, and I have made a few discoveries along the way, mostly to do with the way that IE handles CSS. I had put a !DOCTYPE into all my HTML files, pretty much without thinking. This put IE into standards mode, and some of the examples didn't work. Nor did they work in Firebird. Took a while to work that one out, but having done so, it was useful stuff to know.

Posted to JavaScript by Simon Brunning at October 21, 2003 09:04 AM
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