October 01, 2003
Morning Mayhem

Never, ever, try to get to work early. Sod's Law dictates that something will go wrong with your journey, making you end up getting in late.

Colliers Wood was flooded this morning. I don't mean Colliers Wood tube station, mind you, I mean Colliers Wood. Ankle deep it was.

Update: BBC coverage: Homes flooded after pipe bursts. Colliers Wood hits the big time!

Shit, my parents live on Cavendish Road. I hope that they aren't flooded out. They aren't answering their phones, landline or mobile. But then, they never turn their mobiles on.

I also hope that I still have water, but clearly this isn't critical.

Posted to On the road by Simon Brunning at October 01, 2003 08:53 AM
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