July 07, 2003
Atonal Kitten

So, no drunken blogging on Saturday night after all - sorry to disappoint.

We didn't do the beer festival in the end - it just seemed like a bit too much hassle. Instead, Steve and Cathy rustled up a quick barbie (with Steve presiding over the fire, and Cathy looking after the salad, as is only natural), while Sam-I-Am chased me unrelentingly around the garden with a cricket bat.

Then we went to Steve's local. It was just like being in an episode of the Archers! I kept expecting someone to bring a cow in. Instead, someone brought in a dog the size of a cow.

Clearly we were getting a bit too nerdy (talking about metaclasses and AOP), 'cos someone came over and tried to head-hunt us. (At least I think he was trying to head-hunt us - he was a bit too much a a salesman/manager type for me to understand exactly what he was saying. If indeed he was saying anything. His company's website is similarly unforthcoming...)

On Sunday, we went to the Guilfest as planned. Atomic Kitten were dreadful! Now, naturally, I wasn't expecting a great deal from them. But basic professional competence, (keeping in tune, that sort of thing) is something I do expect from so cynically manufactured a band.

Still, it was a good day. Beer, food, company and (some) music all good.

And Sam was a star.

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