October 08, 2008
London Python meetup today

It's the London Python meetup this evening. See you there!

Posted to Python by Simon Brunning at October 08, 2008 01:18 PM

Hi Simon,

Didn't you guys were having a meetup tonight, I would have made an arrangement to come along. I guess you guys didn't push the message out properly.

Posted by: Evans on October 8, 2008 04:59 PM

Well, I mentioned it on the python-announce, pycun-uk and python-uk wmail lists, and on the Upcoming, Facebook and the London Python Announce websites. Where else would you suggest, Evans?

Posted by: Simon on October 9, 2008 09:36 AM

Sorry, it was my fault - I just saw the announcement in the unread mails in my 'Mailing List' folder :)

I will keep an eye out so as not to miss a thing next time!

Posted by: Evans on October 14, 2008 03:20 PM

Good likeness.

Posted by: Alec on October 21, 2008 03:25 PM

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Posted by: Ramgcvrp on July 1, 2009 10:22 AM
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