April 08, 2008
Music Hole

I picked up Music Hole, and have been listening to it pretty much ever since.

I was a little disappointed to start with. It's a bit less consistent than the stellar Le Fil, and two of the weakest tracks are amongst the first four, so it's not a great start. Worse, she's singing in English half the time! That's terrible - the French is half the attraction.

But still, there's some great stuff here. Home is Where it Hurts, Cats and Dogs, Money Note and Waves are all fabulous. Inventive, catchy, surprising, funny; classic camille.

On my way home yesterday, I spotted a review of Music Hole in one of the free rags over someone's shoulder. Glad as I am to see camille getting some mainstream exposure, I was disappointed to see her compared to Björk. And in the first sentence of the review, no less.

Now I can see where this comes from. Both are talented female singer-songwriters, both have superb voices, both are rather experimental, both not native English speakers, both rather beautiful in an unconventional way. Not least, both are totally Upton Park.

But the thing is, though, that this was supposed to be a music review, and they don't really sound anything like one another.

The Guardian review was better, even if they didn't like as much as they should have done. Yes, should have done, dammit!

(Upton Park - two stops short of Barking.)

Posted to Music by Simon Brunning at April 08, 2008 04:08 PM
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