January 03, 2008
I Might Be Wrong

I was moderately pissed off when I read about the Radiohead boxed set that EMI have put out - I already owned everything on it except for I Might Be Wrong, which hasn't been available for ages. Much as I love Radiohead, I object to paying for a load of CDs I already have just to get hold of the obscure stuff. So I was resigned to never getting it.

Poked my head into HMV on the way home last might to see what the retail version of In Rainbows looks like, and there it was - I Might Be Wrong for sale. Just £6, too! Bliss. So much for not spending any more money this month...

BTW, check out Nude. Beautiful.

Posted to Music by Simon Brunning at January 03, 2008 01:46 PM
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