January 01, 2008
The Orange Box

I have a couple of PS3 game so far. And with all the cash I've spent over Christmas, and what with a move coming up, they'll probably be the last for a while. ;-) Luckily, they are both fab.

First up, I got the five-in-one Orange Box. So far, I've only got to Half-Life 2 and Portal out of the five.

The original Half-Life was one of my favorite FPSes of all time, along with Doom, Quake and XIII. So naturally I was really looking forward to Half-Life 2, and I've not been disappointed. It's superb. The graphics are like nothing I've ever seen. On my new telly, the picture quality is better than I get from DVDs, and far better than from TV signal. On the whole, the levels are challenging and satisfying, just as with the original. (The vehicle levels are a bit of a chore, though. Or is that just me?) I'm less than a third of the way through (with one visit to a walkthrough required so far) - and given that both the sequels are in the Orange Box too, there's plenty of gameplay here.

Portal is great - turning a 3rd person shooter with pretty realistic physics into a puzzle game was a stroke of genius. It's funny, too - very Alpha Complex. Criminally short - only 19 levels, the first dozen or so of which are pretty much tutorials. But then, I'm utterly stuck halfway through level 18 anyway, so it makes little difference to me how short it is. ;-)

Posted to PS3 by Simon Brunning at January 01, 2008 06:44 PM
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