January 01, 2008

Mum got me a lovely 500GB external hard disk, which is what I was waiting for before installing Leopard. I backed everything up with Carbon Copy Cloner, then did a scratch install.

Good God it's taking a long time to get everything re-installed. I shouldn't be surprised, I suppose; I'd filled four pages of my trusty Moleskine with a list of things to reinstall. Including MarsEdit - hence the sudden slew of posts. ;-) Still, just about done now.

No need to Virtue; Spaces seems like a very nice replacement so far.

Time Machine is great. Zero effort backups - this is huge. Be honest - how many of us have really good backups of our personal machines? Well, now there's no excuse. Interface is a bit wacky, though.

Lots of other great stuff for Python devs, too, and a built-in ssh agent. And I love the new Terminal.

Fracture isn't working at all, though. :-(

More later, perhaps.

Posted to Mac by Simon Brunning at January 01, 2008 04:07 PM
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