February 21, 2007
Start Date

I have my ThoughtWorks start date - The 19th of March. I've really got that starting-big-school feeling now. ;-) In the meantime, I have to:

  • Transfer my extensive library of Technical books home. Two or three a day should do it. Dunno where I'm going to keep them all, though... I already have as many bookshelves as my tiny flat can take, and they are all already full - two deep in most cases. Sigh.
  • Get myself a MacBook - a black 2.0GHz model, up-spec'ed to 2GB RAM and 160GB HD. Nice!
  • Renew my season ticket. 1096! And unfortunately, ThoughtWorks don't offer season ticket loans, presumably 'cos being a consulting gig my work travel costs will all be on expenses. But that doesn't work for me - annual season tickets entitle you to cheap mainline train tickets, too, and I save a fortune picking the girls up from Reading at the weekend with mine. It's still cheaper to get an annual season ticket, even if that's all I use it for!
  • Oh yes, get a new laptop bag, too.
  • Thoughtworkers - do I need a new suit, too?

Expensive. :-(

Part of my role is going to be mentoring, so Helping people make changes is a worthwhile read.

Posted to ThoughtWorks by Simon Brunning at February 21, 2007 12:53 PM
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