January 30, 2007
Selenium upgrade woes

I've been trying to upgrade the version of Selenium core that we are using from the rather old 0.6 to the shiny new 0.8.2. It's turning into a bit of a slog.

Firstly the assertNoFailureOnNextAndGoto user extension that we are using to ensure that each test starts out logged out needed an upgrade, but Margo sorted that one out.

Next, we had a problem with our assertLocations. Selenium 0.6 would pass the assertion if the supplied values matched any part of the actual URL. 0.8.2 supports patterns - much superior, but the change required us to re-visit all our hundreds of tests and whack asterisks around all our asserted locations. I took over at this point to exercise a spot of regex-fu.

But now I've got a bit of a show stopper, and I'm stuck. 0.8.2 strips whitespace from type action values - which buggers things up royally if the values in question consist of Python code! I tried working around the problem by whipping up a quick user extension, but that didn't help, 'cos the whitespace has already been stripped by the time the value is passed to the function. I'm not getting any love from the Selenium forum, either.

Any suggestions from the gallery?

Update: I tried IRC, too, but there's no one there. :-( And look, see, I'm being helpful!

Posted to Testing by Simon Brunning at January 30, 2007 01:30 PM
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