October 31, 2006
Burnt To Bitz track listing

Right, that's it; I'm bored of waiting for a Burnt To Bitz track listing. I've done my own.

Burnt To Bitz cover

Disk 1Track 1Escape SongGraham Coxon3:00
Track 2SpectacularGraham Coxon2:53
Track 3I Can't Look At Your SkinGraham Coxon3:24
Track 4No Good TimeGraham Coxon3:26
Track 5I WishGraham Coxon5:44
Track 6Bittersweet Bundle Of MiseryGraham Coxon5:20
Track 7What's He Got?Graham Coxon4:33
Track 8Girl Done GoneGraham Coxon5:04
Track 9All Over MeGraham Coxon4:48
Track 10Just A State Of MindGraham Coxon5:11
Track 11You & IGraham Coxon4:06
Track 12Standing On My Own AgainGraham Coxon4:30
Track 13Right To PopGraham Coxon2:50
Track 14Don't Let Your Man KnowGraham Coxon3:30
Track 15What Ya Gonna Do Now?Graham Coxon3:01
Track 16Bloody AnnoyingGraham Coxon3:20
Disk 2Track 1Freakin' OutGraham Coxon3:46
Track 2That's When I Reach For My RevolverMission of Burma4:27
Track 3People Of The EarthGraham Coxon3:50
Track 4Big BirdGraham Coxon7:26
Track 5See A Better DayGraham Coxon5:37
Track 6All Mod ConsPaul Weller1:12
Track 7You Always Let me DownGraham Coxon2:52
Track 8I Don't Wanna Go Out (Part 1)Graham Coxon3:20
Track 9I Don't Wanna Go Out (Part 2)Graham Coxon1:31
Track 10Gimme Some LoveGraham Coxon2:52
Track 11Who The Fuck You Looking At?Graham Coxon5:07
Track 12Life It SucksGraham Coxon4:04

Corrections very welcome. Photos of the gig here and here.

Posted to Music and Film by Simon Brunning at October 31, 2006 01:00 PM
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