October 24, 2006
Walk It

Steve pointed me at a nice new route planning site - Walk It. The difference between this and, say, Google Map is that (as the name suggests) Walk It is aimed at pedestrians. I'm fed up with being told that I can't take a footpath or walk both ways up a one way street. ;-)

My main issue with the site itself is its lack of obvious URL hackability. The site won't show you the URLs it generates for the searches, unlike Google Maps. There is an "Email to a friend" option, though, and having played with the URLs sent by that, it turns out that you can use URLs in this form: http://www.walkit.com/validate.aspx?from=e18an&to=se18lp. (That's me meeting Steve for a beer this evening sorted!)

Naturally, some of the routes it suggests are sub-optimal - it's pretty new, and besides, software generated routes often look a bit odd to me.

Anyone care to guess how long it will be before Google Maps' route finder includes an "on foot" checkbox, swatting this impudent newcomer like a fly?

Posted to The Internet by Simon Brunning at October 24, 2006 01:23 PM
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