October 05, 2006
Yesterday's Python booze-up

A good Python booze-up last night. No Steve Holden, but a very good crowd, including Simon Willison, Tim Couper, Remi Delon, Chris Miles, Fuzzyman with a couple of his colleagues, Menno Smits, Ben Sanders, Ryan someone-or-other and loads of other people, some of whose names I might even remember at some point. Topics of conversation included XML libraries, Steve Irwin, DVD piracy (theoretical and applied), the Python job market, JavaScript, os.walk and the path module, some Web 2.0 malarkey that I only caught the tail end of and didn't understand a word of, the Python, Ruby and Perl communities compared and contrasted, PyCon and EuroPython, and embarrassing drinking events - I'm sure that more will come back to me later.

As per usual, Chris made us all go to Cubana after the pub closed for several jugs of daiquiris and mojitos, and some very odd shooters.

We also bumped into a girl who was a dead ringer for the lovely Geraldine Somerville. I was convinced it was actually her, but alcohol may have been a factor there.

I felt fine this morning, strangely enough, though I did sleep through my alarm. I'm just too old for this two in the morning business these days.

Photos forthcoming, when Chris recovers from his hangover and emails them to me.

If you were there, please identify yourself!

Posted to Python by Simon Brunning at October 05, 2006 03:08 PM
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