February 15, 2006
Google Mail

WTF? For the past two days, Google Mail has been making all off the effbot's posts to c.l.py as spam! How the hell did that happen? You'd be hard pressed to find a higher signal to noise ratio than you'd find in the effbot's posts - they are the complete opposite of spam.

How does Google Mail decide what is and is not spam anyway? Is it based on what I've marked as spam, or is it a community effort? Might I perhaps have marked one of Fredrik's posts as spam by accident?

Other than that, Google Mail just keeps on getting better and better - Google-turning-evil concerns aside. The new integrated chat works very well. (You may have to pretend to be a yank to get it, though.) One less widget that I need hanging around my desktop. The only thing it's missing is some prominent way of notifying me that someone's trying to message me, but they've done the best they can given the limitations of the browser window, and I'm sure that forthcoming versions of the GMail Notifer will have something.

Posted to The Internet by Simon Brunning at February 15, 2006 04:46 PM
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