November 28, 2005
At The Cathedral

Saturday was top. I saw England win at Twickenham. Ugly, bad tempered match, and not the best rugby I've ever seen from either side, but I had enjoyed it.

We were thinking - England really needs a haka. Something like What you lookin' at? You want some, you faaakin slags? I'll 'av you... We could get Mike Skinner to write it.

Michael and I then got back to the pub in time to see Australia beaten, then South Africa, over a restorative beer or two. How can you top that?

Nail biting finishes, both of them. And I know that as an Englishman I should never admit to this, but I do love the French rugby team. Win or lose, the rugby they play is just so much fun to watch. They have so much, well, what can you call it but Úlan?

Posted to Sport by Simon Brunning at November 28, 2005 07:05 PM
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