September 29, 2005
Seeking the Truth

I see the US govornment are still nowhere being getting a clue. Of all the people to call as an expert on climate change, Michael Crichton? I ask you. Two class five sttorms in a month and NASA's clear warning will all be ignored in the face of testimony from the guy who created ER. I mean, he's made loads of money, so he must know what he's talking about, right?

My theory is that one day, the US will realise that all the extreme weather that they are getting isn't just a matter of chance, and the truth will finally dawn on them. Katrina and Rita can't be shown to have been caused by global warming, true, but as atmospheric average temperatures increase, there will be more and more storms. Americans are pretty good at getting stuff done once they pit their collective minds to something, so they'll slash emissions very fast. They'll also define large scale CO2 emission as "climatic terrorism", and bomb the living crap out of anyone doing it. Question is, will they realise in time?

Posted to The Big Room by Simon Brunning at September 29, 2005 02:01 PM
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