March 31, 2005
Mum's visit

Mum came down on Tuesday night for a visit. She met up with Steve and I at The Alex, which was nice - they've been reading each other's blogs for ages. Steve was much as she expected, except that she "didn't expect him to be such a sweetie".

Well, that's a first. Steve being called a sweetie, that is - Mum calls people sweeties all the time.

Anyway, as usual, Steve and I sorted out all the world's problems over a few pints, with Mum's assistance this time. And as usual, some bugger screwed it all up again by morning.

Yesterday we had a day in town. We went to the Apple Store first. We got away with just an iPod remote each. A lucky escape - you could spend ten grand there and still have a wish list.

Then we went to The British Museum. Amazingly, Mum's never been before. As ever, you can only see a tiny fraction on any one visit, so we concentrated on the Asian section. If you've ever visited Mum's blog, you can't help but have noticed that she has more than a passing interest in Buddhism.

Oh, yes, and I got a lovely early birthday present - a Sony DSC-P72. So expect to be bored rigid by loads of bad photos, and flickr and/or picasa related posts. ;-)

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