February 23, 2005
Online lyric database

Anyone know of an online lyric database that I can get to pragmatically? I'm not above a bit of scraping if need be, but I'd prefer something cleaner - and I want somewhere that explicitly states that programmatic access is OK. I don't want to rub anybody up the wrong way.

I'm thinking of putting together something to display the lyrics of whatever I'm listening to in iTunes. Catching the events that tells me what's playing seems to work OK. Here's my proof of concept - show_playing_track.py. The next stage will be to actually retrieve the lyrics from somewhere.

I did look at EvilLyrics, but that seems to bugger iTunes up on my PC. Besides, it's more fun to write my own. ;-)

BTW, I've cleaned up convert_tracks.py a little, and made it a little more robust. It doesn't choke on read-only files now. Is there a cleaner way to write enable files in Windows than os.chmod(filepath, 0777)? That 0777 is nasty.

(See Batch iTunes track conversion with Python and COM for more about convert_tracks.py.)

Posted to iPod by Simon Brunning at February 23, 2005 01:17 PM
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