February 14, 2005
Power Exfoliation Treatment, 75

I didn't have the girls for a change this weekend, so I had a grown-up Saturday with Michael, wandering around the West End. Michael had a pre-arranged appointment to have his hair cut, so I went along. The whole thing was a bit of an experience for me. He went to The Refinery. 48 for a hair cut! (I've never paid more than 5 myself.) And that's at the cheap end of things. An Ionithermie Body Treatment is 110. (Whatever that is.) Top of the range - an 'Overall Overhaul', 250!

Michael, you understand, is a real metrosexual. He was metrosexual before there were any metrosexuals. He has tens of pairs of shoes, and he colour co-ordinates. I, on the other hand, am very unreconstructed in the fashion sense. I shave my own head, I only need to own one pair of shoes and one pair of boots at any given time, and if I colour co-ordinate it's only because I only own clothes of one colour. Typical nerd, in other words.

Still, I'm sure that it's all worthwhile for him. He was, after all, voted the fittest bloke in IT at St Andrew's last Christmas.

I didn't actually go in myself. If it ain't broke...

Update: Paul M reminded me of the term 'retrosexual'. I suppose that it kind of applies to me - though I've never referred to myself as a 'real man', and I don't get the opportunity to reject casual sex all that often.

Posted to Apropos of nothing by Simon Brunning at February 14, 2005 03:00 PM

I didn't vote for him.

Posted by: Steve on February 14, 2005 03:24 PM

Feeling left out, are you Steve?

Posted by: Simon Brunning on February 14, 2005 03:26 PM

No, your much more an Old School retrosexual

Posted by: El Presidente on February 14, 2005 03:41 PM

No mate, I always used my natural charm and rapier like wit to attract the ladyz. The suave good looks are just a handy fall back should I ever need them.

Posted by: Steve on February 14, 2005 04:24 PM

001754.. Not so bad :)

Posted by: www.brunningonline.net on June 3, 2011 02:29 PM

001754.. Corking :)

Posted by: www.brunningonline.net on June 5, 2011 02:45 PM
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