January 11, 2005
Richard Morgan

Apparently, Richard Morgan has weighed into the Waterstones blog sacking affair. Aside from being cool, it's also a bit of a coincidence, 'cos I'm just reading his latest paperback, Market Forces. His first novel, Altered Carbon, was absolutely stellar. His second, Broken Angels, was a crushing disappointment. Thus far, Market Forces is looking somewhere in the middle...

Hmmm. Perhaps it's not that much of a co-incidence after all. Market Forces only came out in paperback this weekend. I'm I just being cynical in wondering if Morgan's letter to Waterstones might be a well aimed publicity stunt. After all, the nerd demographic is well represented in blogging circles, and it has to be his main target audience...

Posted to Books and magazines by Simon Brunning at January 11, 2005 03:02 PM

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