December 23, 2004
A tip or two for house hunters

One of my favourite jazz venues, The Bull's Head, Barnes, is under threat - Jazz club faces closure after just one complaint.

I'm not sure who's more to blame - Stephanie Fallows, the stupid cow who moved in next door to one of the countries foremost and most famous jazz venues and then was surprised to find that they played jazz there, or Richmond upon Thames Council, who gave planning permission for building the flats in the first place.

Well, a total inability to find their arse with both hands is only to be expected from a local council.

A few tips for house hunters: If you don't like aircraft noise, don't buy a house near an airport. If you object to traffic noise, don't live on a high street. If you want silence in the evening, don't move next to a music club. And if you fuck up and do move somewhere you don't like, either sell up and piss off or just learn to live with it. Don't be utterly selfish and try to close down a club that's been running since before you were born and gives pleasure to thousands.

To express your support, you can email Anyone got an email address for Stephanie Fallows?

Posted to Music and Film by Simon Brunning at December 23, 2004 12:20 PM
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