October 11, 2004
PC World

I've been PC buying with my brother Dan, and new sister-in-law Abby for the last couple of weekends. They wanted to meet me at PC World - what a mistake.

I've never bought any serious kit from PC World - and I never will. Their incompetence starts to take on a kind of epic grandeur after a while.

The notebook that they sold Dan and Abby turned out to be sold out - hence the 2nd visit. They then proceeded to try to sell us a number of other notebooks that had sold out. Having been caught out like this before, we kept asking then to ensure that they had some stock, and every time they went off for five minutes, only to sheepishly return and admit that they didn't.

In the end, we went to Comet instead, and picked up a nice little Toshiba Satellite. Which I'll be setting up for them this evening.

Posted to Family by Simon Brunning at October 11, 2004 12:33 PM
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