September 08, 2004
iPod shuffle

One thing's been keeping me sane while I've been working with Cthulhu's crud - my lovely new iPod. ;-)

I've now ripped just about every CD I own - every one that I might want to listen to, at any rate. Here's a full listing of what's on my iPod now. Be warned - the list itself is nearly 3 MB!

One of the best things about the iPod for me is the shuffle feature. Just fire it up, and it selects tracks at random from your iPod - it's just like having your own personal radio station.

I say at random, but I'm not sure that it is entirely at random. I'm fairly certain that highly rated tracks are picked more often than are lower rated tracks. (You can assign every track your own rating, one to five stars.) This is great - exactly what I'd want.

What I'm a lot less sure about is multiple tracks by the same artist. It seems to me that you hear two tracks by a single artist within a track or two of one another far more often than you should. But then, the human is very good at spotting patterns, even when the patterns aren't real. There are good evolutionary reasons for this - it's better to start at the tiger that isn't there than it is to ignore the tiger which is. So, it's quite possible that I'm imagining this. Without doing some stats, it's impossible to tell...

Anyway, technical help. Is there any easy way to transfer my iTunes library from one PC to another, without loosing my ratings and so on?

Posted to iPod by Simon Brunning at September 08, 2004 01:14 PM
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