January 26, 2004
Sir Bill

So, Bill Gates is to be knighted, eh? Presumably for his contributions to anti-competitive business practice?

Or perhaps it's for his unstinting work in keeping the Communists at bay. (Or the Open Source community, as you may know it.) And if he's had to tell a pack of lies to do this, what of it? Cough*bastard*cough.

Bill the spam-killer is another joke. Besides, at least one good anti-spam solution already exists: SpamBayes caught 70 spams for me this morning, with no false positives, none missed, and seven unsures. Superb. You going to beat that, Bill? Sorry, Sir Bill?

And if you think you are going to start charging me to send email, Sir Bill, you can feck off. You don't own the Internet.

From Slashdot: We want to be the first proprietary vendor to copy the methods of the Open Source solutions to the Spam Problem.

Posted to Business by Simon Brunning at January 26, 2004 01:08 PM
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