January 23, 2004
The Brunning Diet

There was, I gather, a program about the Atkins diet on the idiot box last night. It seems that the reason that the Atkins diet works is that eating protein makes you feel full, so you eat less. So, I present to you the Brunning Diet.

You can have as much of the following as you like:

  • Peanuts. (For protein.)
  • Beer. (Well, the Atkins diet offers steak, and this is the only way I can think of to go one better.)

I reckon this is at least as likely to lose you weight as are most diets, and has the massive advantage that all the required foodstuffs are available without leaving your local.

Disclaimer: If you try this and die, don't come running to me. Diet may contain nuts.

Posted to Apropos of nothing by Simon Brunning at January 23, 2004 01:50 PM
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